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Future Alumni

Future Alumni Network of Students
(FANS of DU) 


The purpose of the Future Alumni Network of Students (FANS) of DU is a program created to make current students aware of the Alumni Association and the resources it provides following graduation. All Davenport students automatically become members of FANS upon their first day at DU. The network serves as a necessary connection between current students and alumni. FANS will connect current students to their individual campus Alumni Ambassador(s) as well.

Students are provided with leadership and professional development opportunities.

Structure for the Leadership Component:

The Future Alumni Network of Students Leadership Team will be comprised of up to seven selected members who will serve as volunteers and will act as an “advisory group” to the Alumni Relations Office. The network will meet with alumni staff six times a year to review campus events and strategize for future programs to increase awareness and opportunities for alumni and students to meet and work together.

Students interested and eligible must:

  • Have completed two semesters at Davenport University, with online and graduate students both eligible
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing
  • Apply for membership by writing a 100 word essay of interest in how they plan to serve as a Future Alumni Network of Students leader
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member
  • Be interviewed by the Alumni Relations staff

Students serving will receive a book voucher for $100.00 to offset the cost of their school books for the upcoming academic year following their service.


  • Assist in creating programming and awareness campaigns for FANS
  • Represent the student body as leaders of FANS
  • Represent the FANS program at a variety of events
  • Attend one Young Alumni Council and one Davenport Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting in the year

Goals of the FANS program:

  • Establish a connection with students throughout their education at Davenport and as they transition from students to alumni.
  • Increase awareness of the benefits offered by the Alumni Association including lifelong Career Services’ assistance and networking opportunities.
  • Provide engagement opportunities for alumni and students

Please consider applying for a leadership position within the FANS program today! Your support of the program and our alumni programming initiatives is greatly appreciated.

Click here to download the FANS Leadership Team Application.

Once complete, please email to Sara Hop in the Alumni Office.