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Young Alumni

Young Alumni


Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., at the DU Cook Center Downtown Grand Rapids to be determined each month.

Types of Activites & Events

  • West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball game
  • Helping Freshman move-in at the residence halls
  • Professional development events
  • Volunteering for the Homecoming festivities 

The Davenport University Young Alumni Council has recently experienced a revitalization, as it has become a very active group that meets monthly for one purpose: To provide value in the lives of recent graduates. It wants to help you as a Davenport alumnus make your world bigger and better, and consists of a conglomerate of recent graduates who want to stay involved with the university and give back to an institution that gave so much to them during their educational endeavors. The Young Alumni Council engages in personal development through hosting and attending networking events, engages in community service by volunteering to causes it believes in, and it engages socially by hosting and attending events where it can get to know more about you and your dreams. The more information it has, the better the chance it has to help you be successful.

Connect with us, engage with us, and help us craft our narrative….because your story, is our story, and we welcome you along for the ride!

The current definition of a "young alumni" is one who has graduated from Davenport University within the past ten years, or is 40 years of age and younger. However, the Council encourages engagement from alumni of all demographic sectors.

Current Young Alumni Council Members

Sara Brondsema '07: Chair
Alexis Burbul '15
Erik Dane '07: Assistant Director
  Mitchell Haveman '15
Sara Mooney '09: Assistant Director
  Denys Lyubchenko '15
Bill McSween '07 
Emily Rosenzweig '10
Jaime Van Essen '08
Leandra Williams '12: Vice-Chair