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College of Arts and Sciences
Every DU dream degree begins here, with core classes from the College of Arts and Sciences. We build your knowledge base in math, humanities, English, social sciences and languages as part of your complete program. Thinking about a career in social work? Ask about our Bachelor of Science Social Work program in partnership with Kuyper College.

A Strong Foundation for Your Future

Davenport University is proud of our Excellence System. Through this commitment, we focus on helping you develop nine critical thinking skills that prepare you to succeed in any field you pursue. The Excellence System skills are introduced to all students as part of your core Foundation of Excellence courses.  This means you'll take 30 to 42 credits through us, whether your ultimate degree is in business, health or technology. The program includes our Career and Educational seminar course. This is a student favorite, as it introduces college-level studies and allows you to explore career options to find your passion. Your exact Foundations of Excellence courses will be matched to best fit your major.

Some of the subjects you'll choose from include:

  • Foreign languages
  • Diversity
  • Science
  • Math

For Students Looking for a Career Serving Others

We are pleased to offer you a unique Bachelor of Science (BAS) degree program. This study leads to a Bachelor’s of Social Work in partnership with Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI. Your program begins with  64 Davenport University credits. These credits are transferred to Kuyper College. You'll earn an additional 63 Kuyper College credits. Upon completion, you'll receive degrees from both institutions. The Kuyper Social Work Program is accredited by the Council On Social Work.  

For Students Learning English/Seeking Help Getting Started

In addition, the College offers a series of English as a Second language courses and Developmental Studies courses through the Foundations of Learning program. Students testing into the Foundations of Learning courses are offered several programs to place out of these courses, including the Math Summer Bridge Program and the Math COMPASS Exam Preparation Program.  

For Honors Student Candidates

The College also sponsors two Honors Societies available to all students, regardless of their Department or major. University Honors are conferred when approved projects are completed in five Foundation of Excellence courses, in addition to an Experiential Learning component. Davenport has the Phi Kappa Chapter of the Adult Learner national honor society Alpha Sigma Lambda. All students in the top 20% of the University, based on GPA, are eligible to apply.

College of Arts and Sciences Leadership

Our faculty is pleased to support you in your quest for a strong education, rewarding career and fulfilling future.

Tom Lonergan, Ph.D., Dean

Steve Snyder, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Roger Brown, Interim Department Chair, Math

Susan Gunn, Ph.D., Department Chair, Science

Charmayne Mulligan, Department Chair, English and Communication

Anne Cramer, Ph.D., Department Chair, Social Science