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Donald W. Maine College of Business

The Donald W. Maine College of Business supports the vision of Davenport University to be a global leader in higher education upholding its founder's, M.E. Davenport, call for graduates to make a living, make a life, and make a contribution. The Donald W. Maine College of Business brings people and knowledge together to achieve performance-based educational outcomes for students that promote value creation, entrepreneurship and contributes to realizing diverse and thriving business enterprises and communities.

Upwardly Mobile  

That's you, with a business degree from Davenport. Our future is in the hands of entrepreneurs. The Donald W. Maine College of Business applies the principles of entrepreneurship to every program. We prepare you to develop and launch business ideas. Check out our undergraduate and graduate programs and get started today!


College of Business Leadership

Dr. Pamela Imperato, Dean 

Bob Clarkson, Associate Dean

Department Chairs:

  Accounting and Finance - Deb Kiss, JD, CPA
  Sport Management - Bob Clarkson
  Legal - Barb Craft, JD
  Management - Margaret Mwenda PhD
  Marketing - Mike Carey 

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