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Health Insurance Claims Management

Health Insurance Claims Management Associate of Business Administration

The Health Insurance Claims Management program is designed to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of health care revenue cycle management including insurance reimbursement and accounts receivable management. A strong emphasis on clinical background is required to analyze the content of medical records for optimal reimbursement.

This program requires a 150 - 180 hour practicum.

Program or Student/Graduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Manage health data (such as data elements, data sets, and databases).
  2. Ensure that documentation in the health record supports the diagnosis and reflects the patient’s progress, clinical findings, and discharge status.
  3. Develop organization-wide health record documentation guidelines.
  4. Maintain organizational compliance with regulations and standards.
  5. Ensure organizational survey readiness for accreditation, licensing and/or certification processes.
  6. Design and implement clinical documentation initiatives.
  7. Select electronic applications for clinical classification and coding.
  8. Implement and manage applications and processes for clinical classification and coding.
  9. Maintain processes, policies, and   procedures to ensure the accuracy of coded data.

Admission Requirements

Admission follows Davenport University admission and progression policy as outlines in Undergraduate Catalog. Student in the College of Health Professions must maintain a 2.0 GPA to continue in a program of study towards a degree.

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Policy

All students in the Davenport University College of Health Professions are required to submit to criminal background check and drug screening at the time of declaring a major in the COHP. The results of the Testing , which shall remain confidential, shall be used by the COHP to approve or disapprove of a Student for enrollment or continued enrollment in the COHP, and/or eligibility for training programs, clinical or practicum. The Testing shall be completed by registering for the appropriate course and completing the entire testing process in the course. Each student is responsible for acknowledging and explaining positive Result(s) after completing the process. A student will be dismissed from the COHP if he or she refuses to consent to the Testing. The cost of the Testing is the part of the course fee and is the responsibility of the student.

Faculty and Staff

Associate Dean of Health Information Management (HIM): TJ Hunt, MBA, RHIA

HIM Department Chairperson: Linda Sorensen, MPH, RHIA, CHPS

Saginaw, Midland, Flint & Lansing

Christi Lower, MS, RHIA – Associate Department Chairperson

DU Online

Megan Tober, MBA, RHIA – Associate Department Chairperson

Grand Rapids Lettinga, Holland, Battle Creek & Kalamazoo

Wil Limp, MS, RHIA - Associate Department Chairperson (Interim)


Wil Limp, MS, RHIA - Associate Department Chairperson 


Lisa Kagay, MBA, RHIA

Amanda Metzler, MS, RHIA


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