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Test of Essential Academic Skills

The TEAS® assessment is necessary for entrance into the Davenport University BSN and LPN nursing programs and is offered to current and prospective DU students at the Grand Rapids, Lansing, Midland and Warren campuses. It covers the following academic skill areas:

  • Reading – paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions (40 items, 50 minutes)
  • Math – whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions, decimals, algebraic equations, percentages, and ratio/proportion (45 items, 56 minutes)
  • Science –science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, basic physical principles, and general science (30 items, 38 minutes)
  • English and Language Usage – punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words, and spelling (55 items, 65 minutes)


1. Create an account for the TEAS®  exam through ATI (see instructions).

2. Reserve your spot by selecting a date when you register and pay online with U-Market (see dates & times by location below)

3. Read the TEAS®  Information below for instructions for test day, what you can bring into the test and how you will receive your scores.


Davenport University offers the TEAS®  V (Version 5) for all applicants regardless of the nursing program to which you are applying.  Go to to learn more about the exam.

Registration Instructions and Test Dates for 2015-2016 Academic Year:

Grand Rapids

Registration is available for DU students only through U-Market. $70.00
Testing is held in room 330C at 6191 Kraft Ave., Grand Rapids.  

  • None available


Registration is available for DU students only through U-Market. $70.00
Testing is held in room 605C and 607C at 200 S. Grand Ave., Lansing

  •  None available


Registration is available for DU students only through U-Market. $70.00
Testing is held in room 108C at Midland at 3555 E. Patrick Road, Midland.

  • None available


Registration is available for DU students only through U-Market. $70.00
Testing is held in room 201 and 203 at 27650 Dequindre Road, Warren.

  • None available


The TEAS®  V entrance exam for Davenport University candidates is $70.

The TEAS®  V entrance exam for non-standard and non-Davenport University candidates is $90 as is available at the Grand Rapids W.A. Lettinga, Lansing, and Warren campuses. DU is not responsible for forwarding scores to any outside university.  Candidates will need to request scores be transferred via TEAS ATI website at an additional cost.


There will be no refunds for the TEAS® .

Test Duration:

Please allow 4 hours for check in, taking the exam, and optional rest periods. 

Retake Rule:

You may take the TEAS®  as many times as you wish.

ID on day of Testing:

When you come to take your test, you must bring:

  • Your ATI login ID and password
  • Your Davenport ID #
  • A government issued ID with photo, signature, and permanent address (such as a driver’s license)

Testing Center Rules:

Prohibited Items - You may not bring a calculator or use one on the exam. Cell phones and all other personal electronic devises are strictly prohibited.

Score Results:

  • Your scores are available immediately after the examination.
  • Passing score - Davenport University will enter your TEAS® score into your application materials. There is no “passing” score. Rather, your score will be compared to other nursing program applicants and is an important factor in the application review.  

Accommodations (Disability):

Candidates MUST have documentation on file with Davenport University's Student Access Department in order to receive accommodations. In order for Davenport to provide accommodation testing, candidates are required to register for their accommodations one week before the testing session date to ensure accommodations are properly met or candidates will be expected to test under standard testing conditions.

Please contact Cara Junghans at or (616) 554-5615 to set up your accommodations one week before your scheduled testing session.

Study Resources:

ATI’s online store has three products, the TEAS®  V (Version 5) Study Manual, a TEAS® Online Practice Assessment, and a combination package available to guide your review and provide feedback about your study progress. The above can be purchased at the ATI website,  The materials are optional and not required to take the TEAS. However, review of the study manual is strongly recommended.

Still have Questions?

For scheduling questions and ADA accommodations request please contact Cara Junghans, Director of Testing Services, 616-554-5615,