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What’s happening locally, statewide and across the country related to urban education? Are there seminars, events or expert forums taking place? Whether you are a teacher or are in the field of education, you’ll find the latest happenings here.

Approval received for new master's program

Registration deadline Dec. 12

Classes begin Jan. 5

Davenport University has received approval from the Michigan Department of Education as well as from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to offer the Michigan Alternate Route to Interim Teaching Certification (MARITC) through its new College of Urban Education. Recruitment of the first cohort of students for is now underway, with registration deadline of Dec. 12 and classes scheduled to begin Jan. 5.

Eligible candidates for the program must already possess a bachelors degree and have passed the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification basic skills test and subject area competency exam. Candidates for the program do not need to be teachers already, nor do they need to have obtained an undergraduate degree in education. Classes start full-time on Jan. 5 and will include in-seat and online courses based out of Innovation Central High. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be awarded a masters degree and teacher certification in math, English or integrated science.

Please call us at 800-686-1600 if you have any questions.

Dr. Perry credits the beginnings of his great achievements to his informally adopted mother, Ms. Elsie, who instilled a sense of goodness and hope through hardships. He says, “I wish that all mothers smiled like mine…” He describes his mother’s giving him the gift of goodness and hope, two things he notes could not be taken away, even when there was no money, no respect or no guaranteed right to an education.
Read his blog to learn more

Dr. Perry earned his Ph.D. in education policy and leadership from University of Maryland College Park. He is a sought after public speaker and has authored many important publications about the state of education in the United States. He’s also received many accolades and awards. In fact, we could fill up the website with all the amazing contributions Dr. Perry has made to education. But it’s easier for you to see his achievements on his website.

Is an urban education teaching degree for you?

You may be teaching in a classroom today. You may be considering pursuing a teaching degree. And now, you have the opportunity to be part of the program that can change lives – yours and the rewards of your career and students who need the best of the best to foster and bring to life their full learning potential.

The Master of Urban Education degree is centered on developing key skills that will:

  • Uniquely prepare you as a dynamic teacher.
  • Increase years spent in urban districts as an effective teacher.
  • Build sustaining relationships with students, teachers and families.
  • Build strong leadership skills.

Advancing beyond traditional curriculums, this program will immerse you in the actual

clinical setting from the start.

  • You will be assigned to a proven effective teacher.
  • You will serve with that teacher for the duration of the year.
  • You will progress as a student mentor, tutor and apprentice, while providing other supports to your lead teacher.
  • Your learning will culminate in a traditional student teaching experience.

Because of our unique partnership with placement schools, you’ll enjoy more opportunities to practice critical skills in a real world setting. The Master of Urban Education degree is intentionally separated from the teaching certificate. This allows faculty to award the certificate based on demonstrated quality teaching.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your future with a Davenport College of Urban Education master’s degree.

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We are a game changer

Urban education describes schooling in metropolitan communities. By definition, “high risk” urban schools are those enrolling more than 20% of their students, ages 5 to17, from households meeting the federal definition of poverty. Urban schools are characterized by:

  • large enrollments
  • students representing diverse races, ethnicities and languages
  • large numbers of children of immigrants
  • high mobility rates
  • concentrations of poor students who qualify a district “at risk”
  • drugs, crime and safety issues
  • a continuum of poorest to wealthiest students

Many suburban schools also face the same challenges of urban schools and will benefit by the groundbreaking strides we envision.

Yet, a clear focus on the urban district is critically important.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2050, seven of 10 people will live in urban areas. Michigan – and our nation – must count on schools and colleges to build the capacity of urban residents through effective teaching and leadership.

We Are Inspired to Change

The idea of a new college – the Davenport University College of Urban Education began as an innovative response to the national and state-level calls for change in teacher preparation and Michigan’s need for effective teachers in low-performing schools. Davenport University launched the College of Urban Education in 2012. It continues to grow as a collaborative effort throughout Michigan – and beyond.

We Are Driven to Lead

Our program architects, led by Founding Dean, Dr. Andre Perry, considered the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Preparation and Partnerships prepared by NCATE and released in the report, Transforming Teacher Education through Clinical Practice: A National Strategy to Prepare Effective Teachers for Improved Student Learning in 2010.

The panel studied "the gap between how teachers are prepared and what

schools need." Its findings identified key design principles and strategies to revolutionize teacher education. All of these are incorporated in the College of Urban Education’s academic programs. Program architects also aimed to create programs and partnerships within metropolitan areas served by DU campuses.

We Are Equipped to Transform:

Davenport University College of Urban Education degree programs:

  • Transform urban education, by transforming how we prepare teachers to educate.
  • Forge strategic partnerships between urban schools and Davenport University.
  • Team rigorously selected urban educators with teaching candidates in the classroom.
  • Redesign processes and track data to ensure dynamic, outcomes-based results.
  • Prepare teachers who are capable of helping urban students succeed.
  • Facilitate designated sites and funding to support initiatives.

Seeking Partners in Urban Education

Are you serving in an urban school within Michigan’s education system? If so, there may be valuable opportunities to partner with Davenport University’s College of Urban Education.

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