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Raymond Grohowski

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Raymond Grohowski, Instructor
Mathematics, Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences
MS from Case Western Reserve University, 1981
BS from Penn State, 1973
Holland Campus

Ray Grohowski has taught mathematics and statistics courses at Davenport University for over seven years. Ray started his career as an industrial engineer for Jones and Laughlin Steel and then for Ford Motor Company. To enhance his problem-solving abilities, he studied Operations research at Case Western Reserve University and earned his Master\'s degree. This degree opened a new opportunity as math analyst with the Upjohn Company. Ray worked at the Upjohn Company for over twenty years in various positions in information technology and marketing. Prior to retiring from Upjohn, Ray was the manager of the Network Support team.

Ray believes that studying math and working on math problems helps students think more logically, analyze situations better, enhances their critical-thinking skills, and hones their problem-solving abilities. He tells his students, \"Doing math is a mental weight-training workout that we all need.\"