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Betsy Diegel

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Betsy Diegel, Associate Professor
Science, Director of Academic Services
College of Arts and Sciences
EDD from Central Michigan University, 2010
MA from Wayne State University, 2003
Midland Campus

Dr. Diegel has always had a passion for teaching biology. She began her teaching career as an instructor in undergraduate science courses at Wayne State University. She continued her passion for teaching at DU and was a science department coordinator for the Midland, Saginaw, and Flint campuses.

Associate Professor Diegel’s professional and research interests include faculty development, women in administrative roles of higher education, active learning, and family life/work balance. She is an active presenter and proponent of utilizing classroom assessment techniques and promotes an active learning based strategy when designing her courses. Dr. Diegel strives to mentor, evaluate, and provide professional development opportunities to all faculty on campus, as well as, through her publications.

In regard to her teaching style, Dr. Diegel states, “I want my students to sweat so to speak by making them own the material. Coming to class and simply warming a seat is not allowed.” She believes enthusiasm and a positive attitude are contagious and is dedicated toward creating learning environments that nurture critical thinking skills in both faculty and students.