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Deborah Steiner

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Deborah Steiner, Instructor
Mathematics, Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences
Earned 21 Graduate Credit Hours in Mathematics from Central Michigan University, 2005
MSME from Virginia Tech , 1994
Saginaw Campus

Deborah Steiner began at DU as an adjunct instructor, and she now works full-time in the Mathematics Department. She teaches algebra, statistics, and biostatistics courses. In addition, Deborah has taught at Central Michigan University and was the Director of their Mathematics Assistance Center for one year.

Deborah’s professional experience includes working at General Motors for five years in the Safety and Crashworthiness department. She evaluated and improved the occupant safety in new truck platform by performing dynamic computer simulations using finite element analysis and destructive barrier/component testing to redesign the vehicle interior compartment and support structures.

Deborah believes mathematics is the foundation of any program. She believes her teaching focus is \"to ensure that my students leave the classroom understanding the fundamental math principles needed to succeed in future classes and in their career.\"