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Cost of Attendance Budget

What's a COA Budget?

The Cost of Attendance Budget (COA) represents the estimated cost of attending Davenport University for two semesters. The purpose of this budget is to provide you, the student, with an idea of what your expenses might be to attend.

A variety of expenses are included in Cost of Attendance, including:

  • tuition
  • registration and other required fees
  • books
  • living expenses
  • transportation
  • an estimate of personal expenses related to attending school

Cost of attendance is only an estimate based upon the average expenses of all students. These costs therefore, do not necessarily represent every expense a student might incur throughout a given year. Your actual experience may be different from these averages based on your own personal spending choices and on how many courses you take each semester.

Note: The estimated budget is based on a student being enrolled in two consecutive semesters. The institution will adjust the estimates if a student enrolls in only one semester or in three semesters. The Federal Government allows a variety of expenses to be included, but not all.

COA - Defined

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are based on average student enrollment. Your own specific tuition charge may be higher or lower depending upon your actual enrollment. Your advisor can assist you with establishing a more specific tuition estimate. Please refer to the current tuition and fee charges.


The books estimate reflects the typical cost of all books and supplies for attending DU courses. Again, this represents an average amount based on purchasing supplies through the Davenport bookstores. Typically, Davenport estimates $200 to $300 per course for books and supplies. It may be possible to obtain books below those estimates. However, we estimate on the high side so that students have a good idea of the potential cost.

Room & Board

Based on the average expenses of students for housing and food during a two semester period.


This reflects the typical cost of traveling to attend class. This again is an average, and your actual experience may be different based upon your transportation choices.

Some costs cannot be included, such as:

  • the purchase of a vehicle
  • insurance
  • major repairs


Includes an estimate of students' personal expenses, including:

  • hygiene items
  • clothing
  • minor housekeeping expenses
  • cell phone usage
  • social activities
  • other personal needs

Final Note: It is important to keep in mind that you control many of your costs and can make adjustments to make sure that your can cover your costs.

Other Things to Know

When determining your eligibility for financial aid, the government allows Davenport to include direct costs, like:

  • tuition
  • books
  • fees

and indirect costs, like:

  • transportation
  • room and board
  • personal expenses.

To determine these costs, Davenport must establish average expenses for all students. We base the averages on living expense statistics from the federal government.  Davenport does take into account the fact that especially many of our online students live across the United States. Once your financial aid award is complete, you will see your estimated cost of attendance.

It is important to keep in mind that these costs are averages across the entire university and that you have control over many of these costs. You can adjust your expenses to keep your costs under control. Although student loans are available, Davenport encourages you to keep borrowing to a minimum.

Refer to the budgeting tools for assistance in understanding your expenses.