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Information Assurance (MS)

Program Snapshot

Davenport University's Information Assurance degree is expected to continue its emergence as one of the hottest growth careers in IT. This highly specialized, fast-paced, constantly changing course of graduate study will challenge, excite and educate you with the latest trends and knowledge base to be part of tomorrow's technology security, today.

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Assurance, as defined by the National Security Agency (NSA).

What You'll Do

  • Learn to address the management of risk to organizational and individual information assets
  • Understand the importance of building secure systems
  • Find new methods to protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of information assets
  • Develop the ability to investigate, identify and intercept security breaches

What You'll Spend

Tuition investment is $1,833 per in-seat course or $1,863 online.

You may qualify for financial aid and up to $2,000 annually in graduate scholarships based on undergraduate GPA.

What You Need to Get In

The Information Assurance MS is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in:

  1. Information technology
  2. Software engineering
  3. Computer science
  4. Information security
  5. Computer engineering
  6. Networking

Please note: You must meet additional admission standards for entry into this program. Applicants from outside these fields may be admitted on a contingent basis, and degrees will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

MSIA Admission Criteria Also Include:

You are eligible to enroll in this master's program if you have completed the following:
A bachelor's degree in the technology field, such as: 

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Software or computer engineering
  • Networking
  • Information security

A strong record of academic achievement, as indicated by official transcripts and proof of proficiency on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), OR one or more of these certifications: Security+, CISSP, GSE, CCSP, SSCP, CIW or RSA

If you have not successfully completed the above, you must complete the following prerequisite courses with a grade of "B" or above before entering the master's degree (level 600) courses:

  • CISP537 Java Programming 1  *OR*  CISP553 PERL/Python Scripting 
  • IAAS581 Information Security and Assurance 
  • IAAS591 Cryptography 
  • NETW520 Data Communications and Networks

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