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Below are some forms/links that may be useful to you.

Breaking Contract Information:

To petition to move off campus, please fill out the form by November 30, 2015. After the petition is received, a committee will determine if the student will be released from their contract. This will take place during the first week of December. Students will receive notification of the decision by Friday, December 4, 2015. 

Please note that any student who is withdrawing or transferring from the University should also fill out this form so that we have record.


Work Order Information:

To submit a work order, please click here:


Parking Permit Information:

To request a parking permit, please click here:


Dining Hall Meal Plan Appeal:

To request to change your meal plan, please complete this form by September 11, 2015 for Fall 2015:


Transportation/Shuttle Service:

To find information in regards to the shuttle and transportation services, please visit:


Request to use the fire pit/bonfire:

To request to use the fire pit (for student organizations) click here: