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Adjunct Academic Positions


At DU, our Adjunct Faculty members bring real-world practical experience to the classroom and share their knowledge in an effective learning environment. If you are interested in joining a growing and dynamic University that serves over 12,000 students, visit the list below to view our most up to date employment opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Adjunct employees considered “regular” employees?

A:  Adjunct employees at the University are assigned classes on a semester by semester basis and are classified as temporary employees.

Q: What sort of benefits would I receive if I were an adjunct instructor?

A:  Adjunct instructors and their dependants are eligible to receive discounted tuition at Davenport University. Additionally, Adjunct instructors participate in orientation and additional professional development opportunities throughout the academic year.

Q: How do I go about applying?

A:  Interested individuals are asked to apply according to the specifications listed within the job posting.

Q: What is the hiring process?

A:  The adjunct hiring process is managed through Davenport University’s academic team. After a thorough review of a candidate’s application materials the academic leaders invite the most qualified candidates to participate in an assessment. Through these assessments, or hiring events, applicants undergo a series of interviews and provide a lesson demonstration. Final hiring decisions are made based upon the candidate performances at these events. 

Open Adjunct Jobs

Title Close Datesort descending Campus Discipline School Semester
Adjunct Nursing Faculty 06/01/2015 Midland Nursing College of Health Professions Fall 2014
Adjunct Nursing Faculty 06/01/2015 Warren Nursing College of Health Professions Fall 2014