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Windows 8

Windows 8

We have found the following process to allow windows 8.1 users to connect. 

1 - Connect to the "DU" wireless network.  (You will automatically connect, using computer credentials)
2 - right-click on your task-bar wifi icon, and open Network and Sharing Center
3 - Click on the Connections wifi connection on upper right
4 - Select wireless properties
5 - Select Security Tab
6 - Select the Microsoft PEAP Settings button
7 - Select Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP-V2) Configure Button
8 - UNCHECK "Automatically use my Windows login name and password (and domain if any)
9 - Select OK, Select OK.
10 - Select Advanced Settings on Security tab
11 - Specify authentication mode : User Authentication
12 - Select OK and OK.  
13 - Reconnect to the "DU" wireless network.  You will be prompted for a username and password, be authenticated, authorized and correctly connect.

Note: if these steps do not work please try following the steps in the video above.  It will show you how to remove and re-install the DU wireless network.


Windows 8 is supported, however many of the drivers published by the vendors are not updated and seem to cause problems connecting.  If you are running Windows 8 and are unable to connect please try to update your wireless drivers using the following video:


If you still cannot connect after updating the drivers please contact the Support Center for help troubleshooting this.

Staff Support:  1-800-322-3984 (or ext 1212)

Student Support:  1-877-899-1499 (or ext 1200)