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Time Management : Get Organized for Peak Performance

Time Management : Get Organized for Peak Performance

Time is money, the saying goes, and lots of it gets lost in disorganization and disruption. We also deal with a constant barrage of technology, people, and tasks that can contribute to that disorganization. Many people find that they dart from one task to another without a clear sense of what is a priority.  Some ways to overcome this include a better understanding of your workflow and office space, using your planner effectively, and delegating some of your work to other people. This one-day course will explore techniques to help you better manage your time and to rely on the abilities of others to achieve goals and complete projects.

1 Day Session

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency.
  • Understand the importance of, and the most useful techniques for, setting and achieving goals.
  • Identify the right things to be doing and develop plans for doing them.
  • Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well.
  • Take control of things that can derail your workplace productivity.
Location Dates Cost Action
Grand Rapids 
Peter C. Cook Center
45 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Davenport University Lansing Campus
200 S. Grand Ave. 
Lansing, MI 48933


Contact IPEx at 616.233.2581 or email us at

NOTE: Registration is not yet open for this course. Please contact IPEx at 616.233.2581 or email us at

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