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AINS 21 - Property and Liability Insurance Principles

Instructor lead course includes online practice exams, assignments and grades to assist in preparing for the AINS 21 certification exam. This course will introduce the subject of risk management and insurance.  Participants will learn the concept of risk and risk management, how insurance fits in the risk management process, how the insurance mechanism works including the core competencies, and how the insurance market is structured and regulated.  Participants will also examine the structure of insurance contracts, and an overview of property and liability loss exposures and common insurance policy provisions.


Course Topics:

  • Understanding insurance
  • Insurers and how they are regulated
  • Insurer financial performance
  • Marketing
  • Underwriting and ratemaking
  • Claims
  • Risk management
  • Loss exposures
  • Insurance policies

Course Schedule:

Cours Length: 7 weeks

Delivery: Online instructor lead

Course begins: Wednesday September 30

Course ends: Tuesday October 22

Course Fees:

Cost for AINS 21 is $795 which includes all books and materials. This fee does not include the AINS 21 exam fee. 

QUESTIONS? Contact IPEx at 616.233.2589, or email IPEx.

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