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Risk Assessment and Treatment (ARM 55)

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ARM 55: Risk Control

14 Week Session

Course Description 


  • Improve risk control efforts by learning to identify and contain root causes of loss;
  • Demonstrate effectiveness of risk planning through development of scorecards to measure success;
  • Help prepare the organization to more effectively recover from catastrophe by learning to design and implement disaster recovery plans;
  • Increase participation in risk control programs through better understanding of staff motivation.
  • Enhance risk management skills by learning to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids.


ARM 55 Segment A

  • Understanding Risk Control
  • Controlling Property Loss Exposures
  • Controlling Intellectual Property Loss Exposures
  • Controlling Criminal Loss Exposures

ARM 55 Segment B

  • Understanding Disaster Recovery Plans for Natural Disasters
  • Controlling Personnel Loss Exposures
  • Controlling Liability Loss Exposures
  • Understanding Claim Administration

ARM 55 Segment C

  • Controlling Fleet Operations Loss Exposures
  • Controlling Environmental Loss Exposures
  • Controlling Net Income Loss Exposures
  • Understanding System Safety
  • Motivating and Monitoring Risk Control Activities


Course Fees:

Cost for this program is $645 per person for facilitation and $150 for textbooks and materials and must be paid prior to the first day of class. 

Total Investment: $795

The materials required for this course is the ARM 55 Comprehensive Package, including Course Guide, Text, and access to online practice exams. Materials will be distributed on the first evening of class.

Note: The course fee does not include the exam fee for AICPCU scheduled online exam-students schedule this separately from the course at:

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