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Foundation Courses

Foundation CoursesĀ 

CPCU 500- Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance

Includes an introduction to risk management as well as a discussion of risk assessment, risk control, risk financing, enterprise-wide risk management, insurance as a risk management technique, insurance policy analysis and common policy concepts

CPCU 520 - Insurance Operations

Includes an overview of insurance operations as well as a discussion on insurance regulation, insurance marketing and distribution, the underwriting function, underwriting property and liability insurance, risk control and premium auditing, the claim function, adjusting property and liability claims, actuarial operations, reinsurance and insurer strategic management

CPCU 530 - Business Law for Insurance Professionals

Includes an introduction to U.S. law and contract law as well as a discussion on contract law: insurance applications, commercial law, property law, tort law, agency law, insurance applications, business entities and employment law and the international legal environment

CPCU 540 - Finance and Accounting for Insurance Professionals

Includes an introduction to corporate finance and accounting as well as GAAP financial statements, GAPP financial statement analysis, insurer statutory accounting, insurer statutory annual statement analysis, cash flow valuation, bonds and stocks, insurer investment portfolio management, insurer capital: needs and sources, capital management, mergers and acquisitions and the underwriting cycle