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STAR Program® University

STAR Program® University                                          

The STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehab) University is internationally recognized as the finest training in oncology rehabilitation. Developed by rehabilitation experts with extensive experience in oncology.

Davenport University is the first university in the nation to offer STAR Program University. The online program provides leading-edge comprehensive training in cancer rehabilitation for healthcare professionals including nursing and allied health. The program offers the education and training you need to advance your knowledge and clinical skills in cancer survivorship and rehabilitation to provide quality care to these patients who have unmet needs. You will become STAR Clinician® Certified upon completion of the 10 three-hour online STAR Program University Training Modules — providing you an important distinction on your resume in the healthcare marketplace.

STAR Program® University Certification provides you with unparalleled training in cancer rehabilitation. Building on your current expertise, becoming STAR Clinician Certified will enable you to advance your knowledge and clinical skills in an exciting and rapidly expanding area of rehabilitation medicine that has many unmet needs. STAR Clinician Certified individuals are recognized as experts in oncology rehab, which results in many more career opportunities. Most importantly, however, the certification will enable you to provide the kind of care that is desperately needed to help cancer survivors function at the highest possible level.

STAR Clinician Certified Benefits

  • Increase your patient referrals
  • Expand your practice scope
  • Open new career opportunities
  • Become an expert in oncology rehabilitation
  • Advance survivorship care

Who is eligible to become STAR Clinician Certified?

Eligible healthcare professionals include:*

  • Sr. Nursing Students
  • MSN Nursing Students
  • Davenport Nursing Alumni and Faculty


Course fees for STAR Clinician® Certified Program are $1584 and include all materials and course work.

If you are currently enrolled at Davenport University please meet with your Academic Adviser to be registered for the STAR Clinician® Certified Program


If you have any questions about becoming STAR Clinician Certified, please feel free to email us at



Please complete the form below to apply for the STAR Clinician® Certified Program. Completing form does not guarantee that you will be able to participate in this course. You will be contacted after review of your information. Thank you for your interest. 

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