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Police Dept Leadership Academy

Police Department Leadership Academy

This program targets the further development of leadership skills and tactics for individuals who have prior management experience.  Competencies for personal and organizational development of the second line supervisor are emphasized through content and scenarios describing the challenges faced by law enforcement leaders in operational law enforcement settings. Participation in the Leadership Academy is particularly beneficial for newly promoted sergeant and lieutenant officers as an investment in developing and retaining a strong leadership team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify leadership characteristics and how leadership is different from management
  • Develop understanding in how to influence and communicate effectively with other team members by meeting their behavioral style needs and preferences
  • Define actions needed to foster collaboration, build trust, empower and motivate others
  • Formulate a vision, share the vision, engage others in the vision
  • Practice talking about problem behavior without blaming or causing a defensive response
  • Understand how communication styles affect coaching and mentoring

COURSE CONTENT  - Leadership Academy

Day 1:

  • The Department and Your Role
  • Leadership and Behavior Style, Leadership Influence and Power
  • Persuasion and Influence – Situational Decision Making
  • Effective Change Management

Day 2:

  • Seasoned Leadership Core: Strategy and Tactics, Success Factors, Leading Practice
  • Strategic Planning, Opportunities for Innovation and Creativity

Day 3:

  • Effective Communication Skills, Phone, Email, Crisis Communication and Incident Management
  • Communication Challenges and Improving Team Communication Capacity
  • Conveying Authority and Credibility, Meetings and Public Interaction
  • Legal Responsibilities

Day 4:

  • Departmental Change Management
  • Managing Stress and Conflict, Listening and Negotiation
  • Command and Line Discipline

Day 5:

  • Human Resource Performance Objectives – Assessment and Planning
  • Application of Personnel Resource Development Options
  • Improvement of subordinates and training
  • Career Opportunities and Managing Your Personal Portfolio


Cost is $ 995/person, group rates may be available. Please contact us to find out more information | 616-233-2580 or email us.