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Leadership Programs

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Let us help you take your leadership potential and cultivate it into powerful principles and practices. IPEx can help you set up and schedule the right programs for your staff. 

Leadership Programs About this Course Ideal For Duration
Leading Change in Organizations

Recognize and analyze disruptive internal patterns that call for change. Learn to direct positive change

Managers, Directors, VPs 4 to 32 hrs.
Leadership Ethics

Study of the ethical responsibilities of various levels of leadership 



Leadership Challenges Seminar

  • Explore contemporary leadership concepts and best practices in various organizational environments.
  • Participants will evaluate and apply the concepts to their individual leadership styles and strategies to refine their theories of proactive leadership.

Strategic Management

Gain knowledge of the strategic planning process through the analysis of business cases and the development of a major business analysis project. The analysis requires a thorough review of industry and competitive conditions and situational analysis of the company (including financial trends) concluding with defendable recommendations for specific strategies and the development of objectives for strategic goal success.

Strategic Marketing

This marketing capstone course focuses on decision-making. Students will integrate material learned in their marketing courses and apply the definitions, concepts, and marketing logic in the analysis of marketing problems. A variety of techniques including situation analysis, SWOT analysis, secondary research and appropriate financial analysis will be used within the case analysis format to develop marketing objectives, strategies, and programs. The course will include the use of simulations and the development of a formal marketing plan.

Effective Leadership

This course is designed to provide new ways of thinking about leadership philosophies and strategies. Students begin with an exploration of the nature of effective leadership and leadership theories. Understanding power, creating change, developing teams, and guiding group decisions are examined within the context of the roles of a leader.  Students learn how to recognize leadership traits and approaches so they can develop their own leadership style.  Case studies involving real-world situations that confront leaders are used so that students can formulate strategies to improve the performance of followers through effective leadership.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Analyze conflict in business and develops new approaches to negotiating with people from both similar and different backgrounds. Many dimensions of negotiation are discussed including interpersonal, organizational, collective bargaining, and cultural dynamics. Students review strategies in various conflicting situations including cooperative, competitive, and labor relations.

Organizational Behavior

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of organizations, by combining theory with application relating to motivation, group behaviors, power, politics, conflict, leadership, decision-making, communications, organizational design, and change. Students examine the application of psychology, sociology, and social psychology to organizational management.

Strategic Global Business Simulation

In this course, students will take part in a one-week academic residency that introduces new concepts for managing organizations in the short- and long-term. Students learn that managing effectively requires that leaders be aware of, adjust for, and anticipate changing internal and competitive conditions.  Concepts such as global competition, strategic planning, international trading alliances, quality and ethical considerations are integrated into the coursework. Skills relating to negotiating, technology, human resources and operations management are simultaneously developed.  Students strengthen their decision-making skills utilizing current financial data, economic indicators, and tracking of stock market activity and interest rates to enhance their organization’s performance. Students present their results in a final format using financial statements and management reports.

Creativity & Innovation

We often go through our days on autopilot, doing things the way they have always been done.  Have you thought of the opportunities you’ve been missing to do better or, faster? Free your creative thinking and discover your great ideas.  Whether you are in marketing, accounting, operations, or sales, you can benefit from this fresh perspective.

Strategic Planning for Tactical Action

Tactics that put strategies into action are critical elements to business success.  Most organizations have strategies; however, 70-90% with formulated strategies fail to execute them appropriately.  This course will provide a better understanding of strategic planning and provide ways to mobilize your goals and objectives into tactical action plans that get implemented at all levels of the organization to provide clear accountability and measurable results for greater success.

Understanding Business Better (Simulation)

This course will equip employees with the requisite knowledge and skills to link on-the-job decisions to corporate success.  Learners will see how market conditions affect their strategic and tactical decisions through multiple simulated cycles of business operations.  A seasoned facilitator guides learners through the 2-day simulation, reinforces sound business principles, and helps the learners understand how the learning relates to their jobs.