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Management Programs

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Today's dynamic companies are driven by people, driven for people. Understanding personality patterns improves communication, fosters better performance and generates loyalty. IPEx can help you set up and schedule the right programs for your staff. 

Management Programs

Program Description Ideal for Duration
Managing Workplace Change  Prepares managers to view change as a necessary and positive Managers, Supervisors  

Managing Change in the Workplace

Adapting to changing business conditions is crucial in today’s economy.  This course will prepare the manager to view change as a necessary and positive aspect rather than as something threatening.  Armed with an understanding of change dynamics, the manager will be better prepared to lead positive and constructive change.

Motivating Employees

Managing and leading are about getting things done through people.  The difference between what employees can do and will do depends a lot on their level of motivation.  Understanding what motivates employees is the foundation of this course.  The end result is learning how to turn compliance into commitment.

Resolving Conflict with Effective Communication

Knowing why conflict occurs and what to do about it are indispensable components to a healthy and efficient business.  The course provides a basis for successful conflict resolution by examining the theory of conflict resolution and providing the participant with the skills necessary to identify and manage conflict.

Professional Selling

This course introduces the theory and practical application of professional selling techniques with a focus on customer needs, behavior, and relationship building. Students learn the theory, practice, and procedures of successful selling while examining the personal attributes necessary for a successful sales career. Student presentation skills are enhanced through sales role-playing.

Presentation Skills - Communicating Your Message with Confidence and Credibility

This course is specifically designed for managers, supervisors and team leads who use formal and/or informal presentations to communicate with their internal and/or external customers. Learners will develop effective presentation skills that increase credibility, aid in retention of the message and motivate the receiver to take the desired action.  The skills developed also result in projecting more confidence (polish) in everyday communications.

Coaching for Performance

This course teaches process skills and interpersonal skills to create the foundation for individual and team performance while incorporating the principles and application of effective business coaching.

Understanding Diversity

To celebrate and encourage diversity is to appreciate and respect individual differences. Although “diversity” is often used to refer to differences based on religion, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, national origin and sexual orientation, etc., it means much more than just these terms. This course explores the benefits and challenges of valuing diversity in the workplace. It helps attendees to identify their own values and beliefs about people who are different from them and demonstrates a model for improving workplace relationships.

Principles of Project Management

Students gain a essential understanding of the discipline and approach to the management of projects in a global environment. Topics explained include project definition, resource planning, project scheduling with Gantt charts, project control, as well as planning and scheduling with limited resources. Topics are explored from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Students learn and utilize project software throughout the course. Various techniques used in planning, scheduling, ROI, and controlling projects will be explored and applied through the use of simulations.

Building Productive Relationships

Research indicates that behavioral style differences account for up to 38% of workplace conflict and miscommunication.  Under the stress of meeting project objectives, these differences can become even more disruptive.  This course will help project managers build more productive relationships and streamline communication through behavioral style understanding.  Students will participate in interactive discussion of case studies, group exercises, and complete the DiSC® profile.

Enhancing Team Performance

The course focuses on leadership of a team and how to best build a team to get things accomplished together in a timely fashion.  This course acknowledges differences in people and uses this knowledge to increase effectiveness of interactions with others at work.  The secret of team performance is simultaneously managing the process and the people.

Building Effective Teams

Leading a team is about getting things done – together – in a timely fashion. It’s about doing the right things and doing things right.  The secret of team performance is managing both the process and the people aspects.  With a combination of assessments, developmental coaching and skills training, participants will learn interpersonal skills to create a foundation for increasing team performance, productivity, and satisfaction. 

Leadership Essentials

This course is designed to help leaders understand the foundation and application of beneficial leadership styles and behaviors.  By setting the framework for designing an action plan, it will further the ability to lead others and get things done.   Action plans will be developed and used throughout the curriculum both in class as well as with the participant’s own individual leaders. 

First Time Supervisor

First time supervisors have to look at situations from a new angle, interact with people at different levels and deal with the awkward nature of being at a different level than their previous co-workers.  This session addresses these issues to prepare a person to enter the world of supervision with more confidence and authority.