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Library Services Research Process Databases
Three ways to find the Library (xx min) The Library Search Box (5:22 min)  
Ask-A-Librarian (0:52 min) Searching the Web Using Google (3:02 min)  
What is ILL?-Borrowing non-DU materials (2:02 min) Databases vs Web Search (2:34 min) - Yavapai College  
  How to Find Peer Reviewed Articles (xx min)  
  What is a DOI? (xx min)   
  Primary vs Secondary Sources (4:18 min)  
  Managing Your Resources: ProQuest Flow (xx min)  
APA APA Style: Formatting Your Document APA Style: NoodleTools
Three Good APA Resources (xx min) Basic Page Formatting (6:14 min) Creating a Login for NoodleTools (1:44 min)
  Title Page (6:27 min) How to Create a Book Citation (3:51 min)
  Running Heads (8:22 min) How to Create an e-book Citation (xx min)
  Abstract and Essay Proper (8:56 min) How to Create a Citation for an Article that has a DOI (4:10 min)
  References Page (15:02 min)

How to Create a Web Site Citation (4:31 min)

  Tables (6 min)  
  Figures (13:27 min)  
Turnitin for Faculty Turnitin for Faculty Turnitin for Students
Turnitin: Basic Navigation (xx min) Grademark: Overall Comment-Voice Recording (xx min) What is Turnitin? (2:54 min); PPT 
Creating a Turnitin Assignment (xx min) Grademark: Overall Comment-Text (xx min) Submitting a File (4:26 min)
Assignment Settings (xx min) Grademark: Bubble Comments on Paper (xx min) After Submitting a File: Resubmitting, etc. (4:48 min)
Editing Assignment Settings (1:09 min) Grademark: Highlighting + Bubble Comments (xx min) Understanding Originality/Similarity Reports (2:55 min)
Missing Exclamation Points in Gradebook (xx min) Grademark: Text Comments on Paper (xx min) Navigating Originality/Similarity Reports (xx min)
Missing Students/ Students Can't Submit (xx min) Grademark: Using QuickMarks (xx min) Matches I Don't Recognize (xx min)
Submitting for Students (xx min) Grademark: Making your own QuickMarks Set (xx min) Filtering Originality Reports (xx min)
Deleting Student Paper Submission (2:28 min) Grademark: Using a Rubric (xx min)  
Group Projects (xx min) Grademark: Linking Comments to Rubric (xx min)  
Students Can't See Comments (xx min) Grademark: Comments List (xx min)  
Originality Reports: 2 Ways to Get There (xx min) Grademark: Grading Forms (xx min)  
Originality Reports: How to Read It (xx min) Grademark: e-rater (Grammar & more) (xx min)  
Originality Reports: Filtering (xx min) Grademark: Recording Grade (xx min)  
Peermark: How to set up (xx min) Grading on a Tablet (xx min)  
Creating a Rubric in Turnitin (xx min) You Comment - Students See (xx min)  
For Faculty
Three ways to Collaborate  with the Library (xx min)