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Westlaw is a legal database that provides the full text for both federal and state: codes, court rules, cases (published and many unpublished), attorney general opinions, regulations and agency decisions. It also includes summaries and headnotes of decisions, as well as West's key-note classification for each case, indexing cases by subject and allowing for pulling up of other cases on the same subject.

Westlaw provides KeyCite, a citation checking service to view the history of a case, statute, administrative decision or regulation to help determine whether it is good law and to retrieve citing references.  

This database is only available to the declared DU paralegal majors who are in the research classes.  The Online ID/Password are distributed at the DU Margaret D. Sneden Library at the W.A. Lettinga campus when you provide a picture ID.  Use the Online ID/Password to create an individual OnePass login by going through the Westlaw link on the database page (Instructions here) or go directly to the Onepass creation screen and start on #6 on the instruction sheet.   After you have created a Westlaw username and password, whenever you want to login to Westlaw, you can click on the link on the database page or go directly to and login.  If you have difficulty, call Westlaw technical support:  800-937-8529.