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Join the Occupational Therapy Team

Join the Occupational Therapy Team

Are you interested in being part of Occupational Therapy education? Here are some ways to participate:

Support Pre-Occupational Therapy Students

  • Provide volunteer experiences for those exploring occupational therapy as a career choice 
  • Provide a letter of reference for a student applying to the Davenport OT program

Participate in OT classroom education

  • Be a guest speaker for one class 
  • Teach a series of classes in your area of specialty 
  • Co-teach a course with a Davenport University OT faculty member 
  • Become an adjunct instructor

Participate in OT clinical/fieldwork education

  • Host a clinical demonstration at your facility to support classroom concepts 
  • Become a fieldwork educator for Level-I fieldwork students 
  • Become a fieldwork educator for Level-II fieldwork students 
  • Serve as the fieldwork liaison for your occupational therapy service

Support the Davenport Occupational Therapy Program

  • Serve on the advisory board for the DU OT program
  • Assist with DU OT special programs and events
  • Make a financial contribution to the Davenport OT program

Choose a Career in Higher Education
The DU Occupational Therapy Department will be adding additional faculty to the teaching team in 2015. For more information contact DU OT.