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High School Students

Focused on Careers for the Future

Davenport University is the only university in Michigan that specializes in three of the most critical areas of growth in today’s economy: business, technology and health. We take pride in offering an affordable, private education, with scholarships and financial aid available to the majority of our students. When you come here: our instructors give you one-on-one attention in a small classroom setting. And our advisors and career services staff will guide you every step of the way toward completing your degree. If you want a degree that today’s top employers are looking for, your smart choice is Davenport.

Acceptance Process

  • Have your high school transcript sent to the Davenport University Registrar's Office
  • Make an appointment with an admissions representative: Call 800-686-1600, chat live, or email
  • Request official scores for the SAT (code: 1183) or ACT (with writing, code: 1981)
  • Request official GED or TOEFL score, if applicable

Earning College Credit through Your High School

What is Articulation? Articulation is the cooperative process between two or more educational institutions to help you meet your academic goals. Articulation agreements allow you to build your degree program by taking courses either at different institutions or at the different campuses of one institution. The agreement allows you to get credit based on the classes and requirements of the agreement. Davenport University offers options for you to get an early start in college. How? We work with you to find high school credits that meet requirements to qualify for Davenport college credits. Benefits to You

  • Save money on tuition, fees, and books 
  • Earn college credits
  • Accelerate progress
  • Create the opportunity for expanded program content
  • Improve job readiness skills
  • Improve job placement potential
  • Motivation to continue schooling

Use the pull-down menu to select your institution and see any articulation agreement existing with DU.