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Full Curriculum


The Computer Information Systems Bachelor of Science degree is designed to provide students a broad range of computer programming skills.  Students will learn to work with corporate management and subject matter experts to analyze information needs and determine ways in which computer systems can be used to meet those needs.  Students will choose between four majors: Business Simulation and Computer Gaming, Database Management, Programming, and Web Design and Development. It is highly recommended that all students use open electives to complete more than one major or an additional specialty.

**Which class should I take? When should I take it?  Please click here for a recommended program sequence.

Foundations of Excellence 21 cr.
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3 cr.
ENGL109 Composition 3 cr.
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
ENGL311 Professional Writing 3 cr.
FRSM100 Career and Education Seminar 3 cr.
HUMN310-315 Global Cultures: Choice of country or culture 3 cr.
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3 cr.
Foundations of Mathematics and Science 15-16 cr.
MATH125 Intermediate Algebra 3 cr.
MATH135 or MATH150 College Algebra or Pre-Calculus 3-4 cr.
PHYS100 and PHYS100L Applied Physics with Lab 3 cr.
STAT220 Introduction to Statistics 3 cr.
Choose one of the following: 3 cr.
ENVS125 Introduction to Environmental Studies 3 cr.
MATH140 Finite Mathematics 3 cr.
STAT322 Inferential Statistics 3 cr.
Foundations of Business 9-10 cr.
ACCT200 or ACCT201 Accounting Basics for Managers or Accounting Foundations I 3-4 cr.
BUSN210 Professional Ethics 3 cr.
MGMT211 Management Foundations 3 cr.
Foundations of Technology 18 cr.
CISP111 Systems Foundations 3 cr.
CISP220 Web Page Applications 3 cr.
CISP231 or CISP233 Programming Language I - Choose between C++ or C# Programming I 3 cr.
CISP232 or CISP234 Programming Language II - Sequential to language chosen in Programming Language I 3 cr.
CISP250 Discrete Structures 3 cr.
GPMT350 Principles of Project Management 3 cr.
Major 46 cr.
BITS212 Microcomputer Applications: Database 3 cr.
BITS301 Image Editing Applications 3 cr.
BITS302 Graphic Illustration Software 3 cr.
BITS303 Web Authoring Applications 3 cr.
CISP211 E-Business Foundations 3 cr.
CISP237 Java Programming I 3 cr.
CISP238 Server Side Scripting I 3 cr.
CISP247 Database Design 3 cr.
CISP310 Server Side Scripting II 3 cr.
CISP311 Database Systems 4 cr.
CISP316 Web Design 3 cr.
CISP340 Mobile Application Development 3 cr.
CISP405 B2B E-Commerce 3 cr.
NETW217 UNIX Operating System 3 cr.
TECH497 College of Technology Capstone 3 cr.
Recommended Open Electives 8-9 cr.
BITS345 Digital Video Editing 3 cr.
CISP415 3D Animation 3 cr.
CISP490 Computer Information Systems Internship 3 cr.
Choose from the following sequenced programming languages not completed as part of the Foundations (6) cr.
CISP231 and CISP232 C++ Programming I and C++ Programming II 6 cr.
CISP233 and CISP234 C# Programming I and C# Programming II 6 cr.