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The Master of Education in Urban Education is an alternate route, certification program awards successful completers with a Master of Education and teacher certification in Math, English or Integrated Science. This alternate route/degree program allows individuals to teach in Michigan schools while fulfilling credential requirements. Davenport’s innovative approach to teacher training immerses a cohort of prospective teachers in a school for an academic year. Teachers in training are paired with a master teacher from the school. The coursework is delivered during the school day or online by faculty whose offices are in the school building. Faculty members provide immediate feedback through their assessments on the skills that matter most in effective teaching. Davenport’s program provides more time in the actual school setting so that prospective teachers develop the relationships and skills that are conducive for effective teaching.

In order to qualify:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or above with a 3.0 GPA and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Basic Skills exam as well as a subject area competency exam.
  • Fill out the Davenport Application for Admissions.
  • Participate in an interview with the College of Urban Education (CUE) Admission Committee - to be scheduled by Davenport upon submission of the completed application.

A grade of B or better is required for successful completion for all UEDU courses.

#UEDU797 is for certified teachers who wish to receive a State endorsement as a Teacher Leader. Candidates must have a completed M.Ed. including UEDU797, and can show 3 years of consistent student growth to be eligible for the teacher leader certificate.  

***Which class should I take? When should I take it? Please click here for the program sequence. (pdf download)

Foundations Cycle12 cr.
UEDU610Foundations of Urban Education3 cr.
UEDU630Data Analytics, Assessment and Measurement3 cr.
UEDU656Education and the Law3 cr.
**Choice of Core Methods Course - 3 credits completed this semester3 cr.
Transformational Cycle12 cr.
UEDU682Family and Community Partnership Practice2 cr.
UEDU715Strategy Development of Task Performance Optimization2 cr.
UEDU730Culturally Competent Classroom Management3 cr.
UEDU742Implementing a College and Career Ready Curriculum2 cr.
**Chosen Core Methods Course - final 3 credits completed this semester3 cr.
Apprenticeship Cycle12 cr.
UEDU756Differentiating Instruction in an Urban Setting3 cr.
UEDU770Building an Effective Lesson Plan3 cr.
UEDU786Using Technology to Enhance Learning3 cr.
UEDU792School Improvement Planning3 cr.
**Core Methods Courses - Choose one Core Methods Course. The 6 credits are completed over two semesters (3 credits in each semester)(6) cr.
UEDU701Literacy Development and Instruction6 cr.
UEDU702Teaching High School Mathematics6 cr.
UEDU703Teaching High School Integrated Science6 cr.
Additional courses required for State of Michigan Certification - Not required for certified teachers who applied to receive M.Ed. only(3) cr.
UEDU795Teaching Apprenticeship3 cr.
#Teacher Leader State Endorsement(3) cr.
UEDU797Leading Change3 cr.