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Student Testimonials

"Panther Prowl made me feel more comfortable with the whole experience. I got to know my roommates and peers a lot better too. It made me branch out and meet new friends, that I still am close with today!" – Sara Hop, Management Major, Grandville, MI

“I will be forever thankful for Panther Prowl. It really helped me open up and make friends since I knew no one coming into Davenport. It was a fun filled week I will always remember!” – Caitlyn Andrews, Medical Assisting & Phlebotomy Major, Caledonia, MI

"Panther Prowl was so helpful to me. I was the only one from my high school that was coming to Davenport and I had yet to meet anyone before my first day. It was so nice to be able to get together with my fellow students on some neutral ground before being thrown in to the "college world." Some of my best friends today, I met at Panther Prowl and that was three years ago!” – Keri McArthur, Marketing Major, Shepherd, MI

“Panther Prowl was a great experience! I got to meet a lot of new people and get out of my comfort zone. One thing I loved about Panther Prowl was the ability to ask Pack Leaders questions and learn my way around the campus. I also got to move it early and meat my roommates before classes started. Panther Prowl is a great program that every incoming student should do!” – Kyleigh Linebaugh, Sports Information Major, Belding, MI

“Panther Prowl was an amazing way to meet new people fast! Everyone is so friendly, the pack leaders are amazing, and it's just an awesome way to interact with everyone.” – Alex Tenelshof, Sports Management Major, Caledonia, MI

“I think that Panther Prowl is such a great experience and recommend it to all freshmen. It was the best opportunity to meet new people and learn about Davenport. To this day I still am friends with people that I met during Panther Prowl.” – Emily Rosenzweig, Marketing Major, Grand Rapids, MI

“Panther prowl has been a great networking experience for me. Not only has it allowed me to meet new people but it has also allowed me to be more comfortable while at Davenport University.” – Javontae Ford, Sports Management Major, Grand Rapids, MI

“Panther Prowl helped me adjust to the atmosphere here at DU, and I also made some amazing friendships over just a few days! I had such a good experience with the whole event, that I decided to come back the following year and be a Pack Leader to help students adjust to the whole college scene just like I did!” – Rachel Johns, Marketing Major, Allendale, MI

“Panther Prowl is one of my favorite memories from Freshman year. From the activities to the new people, everything was fun and exciting.  Thanks to Panther Prowl I was eased into what the college life would be like. By the time school started, I was completely settled and ready to conquer my next four years at DU. Panther Prowl allowed me to create so many new friendships, those in which I am still great friends with today. This is a great and highly recommended opportunity for all incoming students.” – Kimberly Weston, Business Management Major, Rockford, MI

“Panther prowl was a great experience. Being a freshmen, and new to the college atmosphere, I was really nervous about meeting new people, but at Panther Prowl they make it easy by getting into groups with people you have never seen, and got to do fun activities that brought you close to people who are now some of your good friends.” – Jordan Sinclair, Sports Medicine Major, Clarkston, MI

“I thought it was a good way to get everyone together. Being a freshman I was nervous about meeting new people. Panther Prowl made it a fun and easy way of getting to know people around campus.” - Erin Vermeersch, Medical Assisting Major, Macomb, MI

“Panther Prowl was definitely a fun event to attend. It was a great way to meet new people and it made adapting to the college environment a little easier. I enjoyed it because of the games we played with our groups and the hypnotist was hilarious. It is definitely an exciting way to start off your first year of college!” – Heather Krueger, Health Services Administration Major, Chesterfield, MI

“Panther Prowl is a great opportunity for incoming freshman to become acquainted with college life and make new friends. The small footsteps you take at the beginning of your journey will greatly influence the rest of it. Take a chance and attend Panther Prowl, you never know what might happen. “ – Denny Major, Service Management & Marketing Major, Greenville, MI

“Transitioning from high school to college is probably one of the most difficult things we have to do as young adults, but Panther Prowl is a fun way to make that transition easier!  Interacting with all the incoming freshman that are in the same boat as you makes it easy to adjust.  Also, the helpful insight from the Pack Leaders made it "less scary" while giving us pointers and short cuts to beginning college.  Panther Prowl is a great way to get situated into the Lettinga campus before classes begin and I am so glad I participated!” – Shaina Johnson, Accounting Information Management Major, Kentwood, MI

“Panther Prowl gave me a great opportunity to get comfortable with the campus and a great way to meet other people.” – Reba Wilke, Finance Major, Staplehurst, NE

“Thinking back to all the activities I was able to participate in this year as a freshman, the Panther Prowl is at the top of the list! Not only do you get to move in early, familiarize yourself with the campus, and get to know your roommates, the activities that week were a blast! It was also great to see that you weren't the only one that was nervous and slightly clueless about what college life would hold!” – Val Carr, Nursing Major, Holt, MI

“Panther Prowl was such an amazing experience for me. It was a fun and convenient way to meet new people and get to know my way around the campus. Majority of the friends I have now are people that I met at Panther Prowl. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely go back and do it all over again.” – Nikki Trammell, Health Services Administration Major, Jenison, MI