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Speakers and Entertainers

We are excited to have nationally recognized speakers and performers appearing at Panther Prowl 2013. They are leaders in their field and have many years of experience working with college students. You will not want to miss these opportunities!

Michael C. Anthony

You may have seen Michael C. Anthony on ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox. VH1 calls him “the best on the planet” and CA magazine awarded him as the “Best Live Performer.” Michael is recognized as one of the most successful stage hypnotists in the world and to date, has hypnotized over 20,000 people. However, no two hypnosis shows are alike. Volunteers are taken on the roller coaster ride of their lives. People forget their own names, believe they are Tarzan, fall in love with broomsticks, and much, much more. All the while Michael makes certain his show is 100% clean, professional, and no one ever feels humiliated. Your mind will be boggled, your sides will hurt from laughing and you just might learn something. Check out Michael's site.

Delatorro L. McNeal

Delatorro takes audiences by storm with his powerful and practical workshops centered on his mantra that, "People help support what they help create." Delatorro has a wonderful sense of humor and a fabulous dry wit. His programs are fun, energetic and entertaining. He is easily approachable and ready to bring a great deal of excitement to your next program. Delatorro's site can be found here.

Justin Jones-Fosu

Justin Jones-Fosu is an international speaker, young-award winning entrepreneur, and author. In 2008, Justin was named one of Ebony Magazine’s “30 Young Leaders Under 30 On the Rise.” He recently published his first book Inspiration for Life: Dream Bigger, Do More, Live Fuller! In Diversity “lectures” sometimes the true meaning of diversity is missed in efforts for everyone to hold hands and sing “Kum By Ya!” Justin's presentation breaks diversity down to the core, where participants walk away energized but appreciating the differences and similarities of others. Check out Justin's site