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Panther Press

 Panther Press is currently transitioning to an online format, coming soon!

Calling All Journalists and Reporters

The Panther Press is a monthly newsletter written and created by Davenport students and distributed at all DU campuses. Send us your stories! We want to hear what's happening on your campus.

  • Is there a controversy that students should consider? 
  • Is somebody a hero? 
  • Does an International Student have a cool cultural story? 
  • What's happening in intramurals?

Submissions are welcome from all campuses and students, so consider writing an article, editorial, interview, or raising awareness. Student Government supports this publication. It's also a great way to identify issues that should be considered for change! Send us your contribution for publication, soon!

Panther Press Staff

If you're interested in serving on the Panther Press staff (editor, writing articles, etc.), please contact Natalie Wagner. We're also currently looking to fill the faculty advisor role, please contact Natalie Wagner if you are interested.  

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