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DU Cares

 Since 1978, Davenport University has annually selected a community partner to give back through human and monetary resources. In addition, this partnership serves as a great resource for volunteer opportunities and service-learning projects for the Davenport community.

This year's DU Cares Partner is... Kids' Food Basket!

Who We Are 

Kids’ Food Basket, a non profit organization, is a force for "Attacking Childhood Hunger." Our mission is to ensure children in our community do not go to bed hungry. We began over ten years ago by serving 125 kids each school day through our Sack Supper program and now serve nearly 6,000 kids each day in greater Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Sack Suppers are evening meals that provide a well-rounded nutritious meal —nutrition that’s critical to the development of kids’ brains and bodies.

What We Do

One in four Michigan children goes hungry every day, and Kids’ Food Basket is working to change that. We attack childhood hunger by providing nutritious evening meals to kids, and engaging our community through volunteering and education.
Kids’ Food Basket is the only organization focused solely on childhood hunger. We strive to put an end to childhood hunger using an approach that:

  • Serves kids directly. During the school year, Sack Suppers are distributed within the classroom at 32 sites, to ensure every student who needs one can easily get one. During the summer, Sack Suppers are distributed at  park sites each weekday. Our Sack Suppers fill a gap that schools and parents often cannot afford, in a way that is accessible and safe for kids.
  • Creates an engine for volunteering. Each day, over 175 volunteers prepare and deliver Sack Suppers in our building as part of our team.
  • Empowers kids to help each other. Through volunteering and educational programs, we help kids understand the challenges of hunger, and give them the opportunity to lead projects that benefit fellow kids. Over 25% of hours volunteered at Kids’ Food Basket come from youth under age 18.

Why We're Here

Childhood hunger denies dignity, robs kids of their energy, and undermines our community’s stability. The mission of Kids' Food Basket is critical because:

  • More kids are experiencing poverty.  Today, 42,974 children living in Kent and Muskegon Counties are food insecure.
  • Nutrition is the basis of brain development. The kids we serve today will lead our community tomorrow. We provide them with an important tool—a nutritious meal—to ensure they become healthy, self-sufficient adults.
  • Childhood hunger is a national priority that must be addressed at the grassroots. President Obama has pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015. Through Kids’ Food Basket, we can be aggressive in making this a reality for children in Kent and Muskegon Counties.

Kids' Food Basket is the only organization dedicated to attacking childhood hunger. We currently provide Sack Suppers to nearly 6,000  kids every day during the school year, plus hundreds more at local sites in the summer.

The schools we serve have an average student population in which 90% or more of students receive free or reduced lunches. Even with this requirement, we currently serve 32 sites, and there is consistent demand for our services. We have a number of schools on our waiting list at any given time.

Visit Kids' Food Basket online.

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