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Study Abroad Grant

Davenport University offers its study abroad participants the opportunity to apply for grants to offset their study abroad expenses. When a student receives a study abroad grant, the amount granted will be applied to the cost of his or her program. No cash amounts will be disbursed. Study abroad grants are intended to make study abroad a viable option for students, that is, grant awards are based on financial need.


Student must be accepted into a Davenport University Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program. Because the university intent is for the grant money to make study abroad a viable option, the criterion for grant application eligibility is simply acceptance into the program. Awards will then be determined by the financial need of the applicant.


  • Applications for study abroad grants must be received by January of the year  one intends to study abroad.
  • Upon receipt of the grant application, the Office of Global Programs will notify the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid staff will use their data to determine the need level of each applicant.
  • Once that determination is made, the Financial Aid Office will inform the Office of Global Programs and collaboratively they determine appropriate awards for students.  Awards typically range from $500 -- $1,000. Because they are need-based and award money is limited, some students may not receive an award.
  • That award information is then shared with the Summer Faculty Program Directors for any further input.  
  • The student is then notified by the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Global  Programs of the grant decision.

This process ensures that financial need is addressed, and that all relevant parties have opportunities for input into the award decision.  

The process itself will require two weeks to complete. Students can learn of the award  decision as early as mid-February.