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Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad Program Helps Students Think Globally

Fast facts

Some fast facts about the globalization of today’s business environment include:

  • 72% of business leaders urge colleges and universities to pay greater attention to global issues (Association of American Colleges & Universities, 2006)
  • The number of globalized workers – those who make products and services for export or cross borders for work – has quadrupled since 1980 (PPI Trade Fact of the Week, 20-7)
  • U.S. students studying abroad have increased by 150% over the past decade (Institute of International Education, 2008)

Preparation for success in today’s global workforce means acquiring the combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes often referred to as “global competencies.”  Students must become knowledgeable about other countries, develop cross-cultural communication skills, and acquire the sensitivity that enables them to appreciate and work with diverse cultures.  One of the best ways to become more globally competent is to experience day-to-day life in another country with the preparation and guidance that enables insights and understanding.  

“Employers surveyed indicate they are interested in graduates that can think globally,” said Alan Walczak, of the Office of Global Programs at Davenport.  “The best way for a student to understand what those words even mean is to participate in a study abroad program.”

Davenport University provides these kinds of opportunities through its study abroad programs, enabling students to study almost anywhere in the world from three weeks to one year. Students can study about finance in London, experience 5,000 years of tradition in China, tour multinational corporations in Germany, learn about global economics amid the diverse flora and fauna in Kenya, or learn Spanish in Costa Rica.

Davenport’s international programs will continue to expand into areas that will be relevant to all students.  Whether their interest is in Medical Spanish, International Business, or simply to understand other people and perspectives, study abroad is something all students should consider.