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Testing Services

The Davenport University Testing Center supports the institutional mission of preparing individuals and organizations to excel in the knowledge driven environment of the 21st century by providing comprehensive testing services for DU students, faculty and community members.

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We can help speed up your degree, custom-fit your schedule, and more.

Davenport University provides services in a secure and comfortable test environment designed to support personal professional and educational goals.  The DU Testing Centers commit to providing:

  • An environment conducive to test taking success
  • Placement testing for new DU students
  • Testing accommodations for students with ADA requirements
  • Proctored testing for instructors and distance learning courses
  • A secure testing environment with an emphasis on confidentiality and security
  • Professional, experienced and courteous staff 

Entrance & Placement Testing 

You may be required to complete placement testing when you begin your classes at Davenport University. These tests determine your current proficiency in core subject areas. You can’t fail these tests, but higher scores may allow you to start with more advanced classes. Sometimes it's also possible to receive college credit for these tests.

Testing for College Credit or "Testing Out" of a Course

Want to test out of a class?  These standardized tests are the equivalent of passing a class and receiving credits toward your degree.  See which test fulfills which class requirement.  It's a great way to accelerate your academic plan and can also help save on tuition costs.

Professional Certification Testing

IT careers sometimes require or prefer professional certifications in addition to your degree. These certifications are an assurance that your skill set is current and meets a high standard. Professional certifications can also help you stand out in a competitive job market. 

Testing and Proctoring Services

Proctoring and testing services are available to the public. If you are taking an online or a distance learning course and need to have a test proctored at a Davenport campus, we can help you. 

Scheduling and Testing Questions: