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DSST offers test for college credit  in six subject areas, covering material taught in courses that are generally taken in the first two years of college. Most DSST tests are designed to correspond to one-semester courses. 

Tests are computer based and contain mainly multiple-choice questions.  Exception: Principles of Public Speaking has 2 parts, a multiple choice section and a recorded impromptu speech.   A few other tests offer optional essays which are not required by DU.  For more information see the Test Taker Information Bulletin.

DU Course Credit awarded for DSST Tests 

Testing Sites:

DU Testing Sites Offering DSST:


  1. Check the DU Testing Hours at our campuses to select your time.
  2. Phone or e-mail us or make an online appointment:
    Online Appointment Request


DSST testing requires two payments: 

  1. Davenport Fee

    • DU Students - $15
    • Non-DU Students - $30
      Pay Davenport Fee Now
    • Payment must be made by Credit Card
    • DU seat fees are non-refundable for missed appointments
  2. DSST Test Fee – paid at time of testing
    • $80  (No cash or checks; Credit card only - NO Discover card accepted)
    • No additional fee added to DSST total if the optional essays selected *
      *Optional essays are not required for Davenport course credit.  Optional essays are not scored by DSST, but are forwarded to the college or university designated by test taker (check to see if needed).

Test Duration:

2 hour online test – 2 1/2 hour appointment required*

*Principles of Public Speaking requires 3 hour appointment if both parts taken on the same day: 2 hour online multiple-choice section taken first and a 20 minute speech preparation and delivery section.

DSST testing appointments will always be scheduled for the full 2 ½ hours and must be scheduled at least 2 ½ hours before testing closes.  (Principles of Public Speaking may require special arrangements).

Retake Rule: 

If a passing score is not achieved, candidate must wait 90 days before retaking the same test.

ID on day of Testing:

Candidates must present one valid form of identification before they can test. That identification document must:

  • Be government-issued (e.g., driver’s license, state issued identification card, passport, or military identification card).
  • Contain both a current photo and their signature.
  • Have a name that exactly matches the name used to register for the test (including designations such as “Jr.” and “III”).

Candidates will not be tested if they fail to present appropriate ID.

Testing Center Rules

Prohibited Items – Personal items (cell phones, backpacks, purses, MP3 players, etc.) are not allowed during testing.  They may be left in a car or placed in an area designated by DU staff. Provided Items –

  • Scratch paper (will be collected after test) & pencils
  • Erasable Board & Marker
  • Calculator if needed for test will be provided on computer screen. Candidate may bring a calculator that meets the DSST guidelines for use on some tests (see p. 100 on the Test Taker Information Bulletin).

Score Results:

Immediate results displayed and printout provided for student (except for Principles of Public Speaking which takes approximately 4 weeks).

Transcript – sent by Prometric/DSST to school designated by student (takes 2-3 weeks before it is mailed); for additional transcripts, please follow the instructions on this DSST form.


For accommodation information, please see p. 6 & 101 on the Test Taker Information Bulletin.

Military Candidates

Active Duty Military Members and Spouses

Both the Davenport fee and the DSST test fee are waived for qualifying military candidates (check the Test Taker Information Bulletin or click here for more information).  All qualifying military candidates must present a current military ID as part of their identification in order to waive the DU and DSST test fees. 


  Please click here for more information.

Study Resources

Click DSST Test Preparation page for study resources.  Peterson’s, a Nelnet Company, supplies test preparation for DSST exams free of charge for military members and funded civilians. For more information see p. 8 of the Test Taker Information Bulletin.