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Major Field Testing - FAQ

The Major Field Test (MFT) is administered to Associate and Bachelor of Business Administration majors in the final semester of their academic program. Students pursuing an Associate degree must have completed their Business Foundations courses and enroll in BUSN288T (Major Field Test) in the final semester before graduation.  For those earning a Bachelor degree and enrolled in Capstone classes, BUSN488T (Major Field Test) is a mandatory co-requisite to the Capstone.

Major Field Testing - ABA and BBA

MFT Schedule

FAQs - Major Field Test (MFT) Questions & Answers

Q:  Why has Davenport University made taking the Major Field Test a requirement for graduation?

A:  Davenport University and the Maine College of Business (MCB) have engaged in many quality initiatives. The MCB is now accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) which requires additional assessment of students. Davenport University was recently accepted into the Higher Learning Commission’s Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). AQIP is an alternative accreditation process through which the University can maintain its accredited status.

Q:  If I don’t take the Major Field Test, will I still be able to graduate?

A:  The Major Field Test became a graduation requirement in 2010-2011, so you will not be able to graduate if you have not taken the test.

Q:  If I take the Major Field Test and do well, can this be an asset on my resume?

A:  Yes, the Major Field Test is administered to students at universities across the nation. If you do well on this test, it is certainly a sign of achievement and something you can add to your resume.

Q:  What happens if I do poorly on the exam?  

A:  At this time your score on the MFT does not have any bearing on whether you graduate. The requirement is for you to take the exam.  

Q:  Will my score on this test become a part of my academic record?   

A:  Not at this time. You are currently being required to take this test so that DU can evaluate the effectiveness of the business curriculum.

Q:  Who is eligible to take the Major Field Test?

A:  Bachelor and Associate of Business majors in the last semester of their academic programs are eligible. For students in Bachelor of Business programs taking Capstone classes, BUSN488T BBA Major Field Test is a co-requisite. Students in Associate of Business programs must have completed their Business Foundations courses and enroll in BUSN288T ABA Major Field Test in their final semester.

Q:  How do I sign up to take the Major Field Test?

A:  You enroll in either the BUSN288T course (Associates students) or BUSN488T (Bachelors students) course. Each course is tied to a particular campus and a particular testing date and time.  See the Year Long Schedule to see what dates and times are available for your campus and degree.  For any DU campus based exams, you can register for these courses online, just as you would for any other course, or you can schedule an appointment with your advisor to have them help you enroll in the course.  If you need to register for an online exam, you will need to contact your advisor (see Distance Proctoring) .

Q.  What if I am an online student living in Michigan?

A:  If you are an online student living in Michigan, you can register and complete the test at any campus close to your home regardless of where you have taken classes.

Q.  What if I am an online student living out of state?

A:  If you are an online student living more than 60 miles from a campus, out of state or outside the United States. You will need to schedule Distance Proctoring.

Q:   How do I find someone to proctor an out of state exam?  How do I locate a Distance Testing Institution?  

A:  We generally direct students to the National College Testing Centers Location Page. This, however, is not a perfect search tool as not all centers who are capable of proctoring your exam are part of NCTA.  Thus, the internet and your understanding of your community academic institutions is perhaps equally helpful.  

Q:  Can I retake the exam?

A:  No. The test results will be used in aggregate form; we cannot allow students to take the exam more than once. However, if you are an ABA student continuing into a BBA program, you take both the ABA and BBA versions of the test when you have made adequate progress in each degree.

Q:  How can I prepare for the exam?

A:  Currently, no formal process exists for reviewing and preparing for the test. However, you may review content information and sample questions by visiting the ETS site Business Degree Programs located at  Here you will find Review material for ABA and Review material for BBA exams.

Q:  What is the cost for the Major Field Test?

A:  The course fee for both BUSN288T ABA Major Field Test and BUSN488T BBA Major Field Test is $75. This fee will be added to the tuition bill.

Q:  What if I have a scheduling conflict?

A:  If you have a legitimate and verifiable scheduling conflict, please contact your advisor to discuss your options. If you register for either BUSN288T (ABA) or BUSN488T (BBA) and fail to show up to take the test on the scheduled day and time it is offered, you will receive a grade of “NF” (no credit) for the course, will have to register for the next session, and will have to pay the course fee again.  

Q:  When can I register for or drop the MFT course (BUSN288T or BUSN488T)?  

A:  The same add/drop requirements apply to both BUSN288T and BUSN488T as with any other course.  For any campus based MFT tests, you can drop and add online but if you need to drop or add an online one, you will need to talk to your advisor.


If you have additional questions regarding the Major Field Test or the BUSN288T or BUSN488T courses, please contact your advisor.