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Major Field Testing - FAQ

The Major Field Test (MFT) is administered to Associate and Bachelor of Business Administration majors in the final semester of their academic program. Students pursuing an Associate degree must have completed their Business Foundations courses and enroll in BUSN288T (Major Field Test) in the final semester before graduation.  For those earning a Bachelor degree and enrolled in Capstone classes, BUSN488T (Major Field Test) is a mandatory co-requisite to the Capstone.

Major Field Testing - ABA and BBA

MFT Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For BUSN288T/488T Students ONLY

Why does Davenport University require this assessment?

Davenport University requires Bachelor and Associate degree candidates to take comprehensive assessment exams in order to assess student learning and to evaluate the program learning outcomes associated with the program of study. The purpose of this exam is to allow school officials the ability to assess the quality of the academic programs, so that the school can improve its programs and provide the best possible educational experience for all students. The assessment exam helps ensure that the school maintains the highest quality of education as well as its accreditation with the IACBE.

Who is eligible to take the exam?

This exam is available for Bachelor and Associate of Business majors in the last semester of their academic programs are eligible. Students must be enrolled in BUSN288T/488T.

Can I still graduate if I do not complete this exam?

No. As a graduation requirement, the BUSN288T/488T Competencies Exam course, requires the completion of two individual assessments (Peregrine and MFT) and a survey. If a student fails to complete any of these requirements, he/she will be required to re-register for a later course AND his/her graduation will be delayed.

What is the benefit of completion to me?

Aside from offering students the ability to determine their own competencies in relation to others entering the field, a solid score is a resume worthy achievement.

How should I prepare for the assessment exam?

The comprehensive exam covers topics taught throughout the degree program, which are aligned with the topics required for accreditation.
If you are taking the exam at the end of your program (the outbound exam), then the preparation for the exam comes from your educational experience with the school, specifically through the required courses for your degree.
The exam assesses the foundational knowledge areas. There is no need to prepare for the exam.

Will it affect my academic record or G.P.A.?

Currently, this course is scored as Pass/Incomplete. There is no cut-score requirement and only your thoughtful completion is required.
Therefore, at this time, your score does not affect your ability to graduate, nor does it affect your overall G.P.A.

What does the score mean?

The “scores” you receive on the exam itself are relative, meaning the scores do not relate directly to a traditional 100pt grading scale. Rather, they are a comparative measure and offer a percentage ranking across a field of candidates.

I am an online student, why have I been registered for an IN-SEAT course with an IN-SEAT exam?

All students who live within 60 miles of the Full Service campuses of Grand Rapids - Lettinga, Lansing, Midland, and Warren, are expected to complete their exams in-seat.

I am registered for the ONLINE competencies course, how and when will I complete my exam?

All online students who live within 60 miles of a Full Service DU campus (Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga, Lansing, Midland, or Warren) are expected to complete their exams in-seat at one of these DU campuses.  Students can drop/add into another IN-SEAT course to change their testing date and/or location.  Online students further than 60 miles away from a DU campus will test using ProctorU.  Instructions for the test registration with ProctorU for their individual test will be given to them within the first weeks of the session for which they are registered via Blackboard announcements and email.
All assessments must be completed 10 days prior to the end of session.

What is the cost of the assessment exam?

There are no additional costs to the student other than the fees for the course, except in the following cases:
1. a missed assessment. Students who fail to keep either their online or in-seat appointments will be responsible for all costs incurred with rescheduling and/or re-registering.
2. distance proctoring at another institution (not ProctorU). Students will be responsible for payment to the institution doing the distance proctoring and ADA students can submit for reimbursement (currently, non-ADA students can submit for reimbursement on a limited basis).
To submit a reimbursement request: After your exam is completed, submit to the BUSN Competencies Coordinator at (1) a copy of your testing receipt AND (2) your name and the address to where the remittance check should be sent. The name and address must match the name on your DU account. The remittance process can take 3 weeks.

How do I register for the exam?

ABA/BBA Candidates must be currently registered for BUSN288T (ABA) /488T (BBA) courses.
If you are registered for an in-seat course, see the MFT calendar for in-seat options and contact your advisor if you would like to register/re-register for a different course. If you are registered for an online course, online students will be notified of testing options within the first few weeks of the course.

How much time do I have to take the exam

The MFT is comprised of two 1 hour sections. Students are responsible for pacing once the exam begins, but actual testing time may not exceed 2 hours.

Am I allowed to take breaks during the exam?

Yes. In-seat students are permitted a break of 10 minutes between the two sections. Online students will be given instructions regarding breaks from their proctor or distance institution proctor.

How many questions are on the assessment exam?

There are 50 multiple choice OR true/false questions for each section.
These questions cover the general business topics of accounting, economics, information systems, management, and marketing.

How long will I need to take the exam?

Typically, the exam requires less than 2 hours, including the pre-test survey. ABA/BBA exams will not exceed 150 minutes.

How much time is allowed to answer each question?

The MFT is student paced with all questions to each section meant to be answerable in a 60 minute period.

Can I "back track" during the exam?

Yes, you can mark questions for later review.  However, you must answer/review all questions within the 60 minute testing window for each section.

Are questions weighted the same?

Yes. All questions whether answered or unanswered are weighted the same.

How will I know my score?

Your completion certificate will be displayed at the end of the exam and will show your total score and your percentage placement among others who have completed the exam nationally. Based on 2013-2014 data, a score of 580/600 ABA and 188/200 BBA would result in a 99%, meaning the student scored among top 1%.
Please keep in mind that these are relative scores, meaning that the score does not equate to a traditional 0-100 grading scale, but is scored based on a comparative norm.

Can I retake the exam?

No. The test results will be used in aggregate form. However, if you are an ABA student continuing on into a BBA program, you can take both the ABA and BBA versions of the assessment once you have made adequate progress toward each degree.

How do I retrieve, print, or save copy of certificate once I am finished with my exam?

After completing the exam, you will be asked to view and print your score report.

Do I need to submit my score report to the course administrators for credit?

ABA/BBA candidates should print/save a pdf file of their certificate to keep as a record until the course is complete.  Typically, scores will be automatically available to and recorded by the BUSN288T/488T course administrative staff.  However, in the case of an issue or error, students are responsible for producing completion certificate.

I have a scheduling conflict, how do I re-register?

The same drop/add requirements apply to both BUSN288T/488T courses.
If you miss your exam or fail to complete any requirement for this course, you will need to contact your advisor to re-register for a later session

I need testing accommodations, what do I do?

At least one week prior to your scheduled testing session, you must contact to request additional time or private testing environment. Documentation of ADA requirement through the University will be required.
Please note: Accommodation testing for online students is not available via ProctorU, but is available through Distance Testing.

What will I need to take the test via a virtual proctor Proctor U?

Only students registered for the ONLINE BUSN288T/488T courses are eligible to test via ProctorU
To test, you will need the following items:
  • Computer equipped with a webcam
  • Microphone (built in or separate from your laptop or PC is, generally, acceptable)
  • Internet access
  • Reflective surface such as a mirror, CD, or DVD (to allow online proctor to confirm the security of the monitor surface)
  • Clear sleeve with white paper inserted or laminated board with eraser and erasable pens (to serve as scratch paper).
  • Valid government issued photo ID with signature

Note: No cell phones, smart phones or watches, calculators, or any other electronic, photographic, recording, or listening devices are permitted during the test.

What are the ID requirements for this exam?

All students who sit for this exam, either in-seat or online, are required to present a valid, un-expired, government issued photo ID. Passport or Driver's License is recommended.

If I still have questions, whom do I contact

For course and exam content/requirement related questions, please contact your Business Competencies Coordinator at