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Deployed Student Care Package

Deployed Student Care Package

Tens of thousands of Service Members are deployed throughout the world.  They are separated from home, loved ones, and the comforts that we enjoy daily.  Many even go without the basic necessities such as tooth brushes and soap.  Our mission is to share a little of our comfort with those who are deployed.  These care packages lift their morale, bring a smile to their face and express the sincerest appreciation we all have for the freedom their service provides. 

To donate a care package, click on the "donate" button below to find out what staff member to get in touch with at the campus nearest you. If you know of a service member who would like to receive a care package or you are service member who could use a care package, click "Request a Package".


All items we send are donated, please take a look at the list below and see what you can offer our valiant service members. Want to send a package yourself? Make sure you are aware of USPS APO/FPO/DPO Guidelines & Restrictions.

Edibles Fun
Candy (nothing that melts) Books
Beef Jerky Magazines (tasteful)
Tuna snack packs Dollar store toys
Coffee Football
Peanut Butter Soccer ball
Fruit Snacks Movies
Easy Mac n Cheese  
Chewing gum Toiletries
Snack crackers Soap
Fiddle Faddle Body wash
Granola bars Loofa
Cheeze Whiz Toilet paper
Instant oatmeal Kleenex
Trail mix Band-ads
Dried fruit Toothbrush/toothpaste
Applesauce packs Hand sanitizer
Salt/Pepper grinder Chapstick
Drink Mix (Gatorade/Chrystal Light)  
Phone Cards  
Plastic spoons/forks  
Travel Pillow