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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Military Student Bill of Rights

The Military Student Bill of Rights spells out ten specific 'rights' that military students should have as they explore, enroll, and work toward degrees or certificates at SOC Consortium colleges and universities. All military student populations have basic rights to satisfactory college marketing, admissions, and student services practices including the right to:

  • Accurate information about a school’s programs, requirements, accreditation, and its potential impact on course transferability. 
  • Access basic college/university information and fees without disclosure of student personal information. 
  • Educational planning and career guidance without high-pressure registration and enrollment efforts from institutions. 
  • A clear and complete explanation of course/program enrollment procedures and all resulting financial obligations. 
  • Explore, without coercion, all financial aid options before signing up for student loans or other financial assistance. 
  • Accurate scholarship information, free of misleading 'scholarship' offers based on military tuition assistance.
  • Appropriate academic screening and course placement based on student readiness. 
  • Appropriate, accessible academic and student support services. 
  • Clearly defined institutional “drop/add” and withdrawal policies and procedures including information about the impact of military duties (e.g., mobilization, activation, temporary duty assignments) on their academic standing and financial responsibilities. 
  • Clearly defined grievance/appeals processes.

For more information, please visit Military Student Bill of Rights.


Service Member Expectations and Understandings at Davenport University:

  • All official transcripts must be sent to Davenport University to be considered for credit
  • It is the students’ responsibility to provide Davenport University with their Certificate of Eligibility, DD214, or LES/Military ID
  • All changes in your schedule must be reported immediately to a Military Advisor
  • Be aware that all registered classes must be part of a Degree Plan
  • If you do not wish to  be certified you must notify your Military advisor before the semester starts
  • Only failed courses can be recertified and paid for by the Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Standards of Academic progress must be maintained if a student is to be certified
  • Last date of attendance must be within the last week of class or a Notification of Debt may be sent from the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • “W”, “I”, “WF’, “PW”, and “PD” are non-earned grades, and benefits will not be paid for these grades
  • Students are financially responsible for any fees not paid for by the VA or Military
  • All debts resulting from reduction or termination of enrollment are the student’s responsibility
  • Any applicable refunds will be processed in accordance with DU policy and disbursed via their PantherOne card refund preference
  • Book vouchers (different from the Post- 9/11 G.I. Bill book stipend) will not be issued unless the student has financial aid in excess of charges
  • Check your student billing statement and contact a Military advisor if you do not have a zero balance

 Post-9/11 Students

  • It is the student’s responsibility to pay any remaining percentage of coverage after VA payments
  • Book stipends will come directly from the VA and typically will not arrive before the start of classes
  • Understand that BAH is actually a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) that is based on an E5 with dependents and the zip code of the school (49512)
  • Further acknowledge that your rate of pursuit must be greater than half time (51% or more) in order to receive payments and that at least one class per semester must be in-seat

 Tuition Assistance Students

  • In addition to the grades listed above, grades not accepted by the Department of Defense or Homeland Security are considered non-earned and benefits will not be paid
  • All Tuition Assistance applications must be completed before the first day of the semester
  • Be aware that if you are not approved for Tuition Assistance, it is your responsibility to cover all charges
  • A Tuition Assistance voucher must be submitted for every class which you intend Tuition Assistance to cover, and if you do not submit the voucher, your respective branch will not be billed
  • It is the student’s responsibility to cover all fees before the end of the semester