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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

How it Happens

Cheating, plagiarism and shortcuts are usually last resorts to avoid some form of failure -- be it a paper, an exam or a class. The problem is that by resorting to plagiarism or other forms of cheating, you haven’t avoided failure.

  • You’ve compounded it 
  • You’ve compromised your self-worth 
  • You’ve set yourself up for more failure, because you still haven’t mastered the knowledge

Do the work. Feel the pride. Get the satisfaction and recognition that make your education worth it.

The Facts

  • Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s ideas, words or expressions
  • You know what cheating is
  • Our faculty watches for cheating and plagiarism in your work
  • We want you to succeed
  • Integrity is the key to a successful education, career and life
  • We take it seriously and so should you

Any form of cheating or plagiarism is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and could result in

  • Formal disciplinary action 
  • Failure of and dismissal from the class without credit or reimbursement 
  • Expulsion from the University

How to Avoid the Danger Zone

Davenport offers ways to help you stay on top of your studies and know your stuff. All of them are better than compromising your future.

  • Free, expert, peer and online tutoring at all campuses
  • Academic Support Center
  • Caring faculty -- talk to your professor first

More Resources

Struggling? Contact your Advisor and ask for help. He or she can connect you to the right resource for your situation.