2017 Wynalda TLI Theme:  Student Engagement Through Assessment

The 2017 theme is Student Engagement Through Assessment.  For students to be successful, they have to value learning, they have to expect to succeed, and they have to be active participants in their own learning.

Assessment can enhance student engagement.  By providing students with clear learning goals and meaningful measures of their progress towards these goals, effective assessment can support engagement.  Assessment can also support student engagement by clarifying areas of confusion, identifying new opportunities to go deeper into content-based problem solving, and understanding curricular gaps preventing students from fully engaging in any one particular course or learning outcome.

Assessment is valuable in and of itself.  Over the past few decades, calls for accountability have increased. More and more often, faculty are being called upon to provide evidence that students are learning. From having to demonstrate effective teaching in promotion and merit decisions to having to document that students are achieving student learning outcomes to assessment committees and outside accreditors, faculty need ways to document student learning. Learning assessment should be a natural extension of teaching.  

The 2017 Wynalda TLI brings together student engagement and assessment.  Our opening keynote and workshops will focus on building a solid process of learning assessment along with techniques that both promote and document student learning in order to build and sustain student engagement. For this reason, our invited speaker, Dr. Claire Major, will also share information with faculty about the cognitive principles of learning as well as specific techniques that will motivate students to participate in the learning process.