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Library Policies

Davenport University Guest User Account Policy Terms and Conditions

Access to Davenport University computer resources will be granted to the public with the following requirements and restrictions:

  • Must provide valid picture ID to verify identity.
  • Must be at least 16 years old to use computers.
  • Must agree to and abide by all Davenport University Guest User Acceptable Use policies for technology resources.
  • Access is granted only to the person who has presented their ID and received a valid username and password. Allowing others to use these credentials will result in the revocation of all computer privileges for both parties.
  • Subscription based databases are available to current students only.
  • In the event there is a shortage of resources, current students will be given priority.
  • Limits may be imposed on the number of hours a Guest User can utilize Davenport University computers in a single day.
  • Limits may be imposed on the number of print copies the user is able to make without charge.
  • Access privileges may be revoked at any time for any reason.


Davenport University Libraries Guest User Acceptable Use Policy

The University reserves the right to restrict, monitor, and or interrupt the use of technology resources and the communications sent through any University technology resources, service, or on-line network. Any person that violates this University policy or applicable laws may also be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of access privileges. Please note that network or computing providers outside the University may additionally impose their own conditions of appropriate use, for which all users are responsible.

Davenport University does not filter Internet access. Guest users should bear in mind that 1) there are materials that users may find controversial, inappropriate, and/or offensive, and 2) not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Guest users are responsible for critically evaluating information.

Guest users are prohibited from loading any software, data, or information from outside sources onto the University's computers or networks. All loading of outside software, data, or information shall be completed by someone who is authorized to put them on the University's computers or networks.

It is the responsibility of the Guest user to protect all password and login information. The sharing of login information with other people is expressly prohibited.

Information technology resources may NOT be used:

  • For personal gain.
  • For any illegal activity.
  • To display, receive, archive, store, distribute, edit, propagate or record sexually explicit material, pirated software, or destructive materials (i.e. virus, worm, etc.).
  • To send harassing, abusive, intimidating, discriminatory, or other offensive e-mails.

Despite the use of passwords, all information on the University's computer networks, computers, and voice mail networks are not private to Guest users. All information, communications, and data related to the University's business sent or stored on University-provided computers and networks remain its property. Any information sent or stored on University provided networks and computers can be monitored and inspected by the University in its discretion at any time without notice. All passwords and codes on computers and networks must be approved by and be accessible to the University.

Failure to comply with these guidelines or the principles outlined in this policy may result in the suspension of Davenport University Libraries computer use privileges.

By signing this document, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions set forth within. I furthermore agree to abide by these terms and any subsequent changes to these terms made by Davenport University.

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Policy on Minors

Many users regard a university library as a place of quiet study from which children should be excluded. On the other hand, many students and university staff have children, and there may be occasions when they need to use the Davenport University Libraries, but are unable to make other arrangements for their children.

In recognition of the different views and needs of Davenport University Libraries users, Davenport University Libraries has produced the following policy for admittance of children accompanying Davenport University Libraries users:

  • Users should be aware that the admittance of accompanying children is the exception rather than the norm.
  • Children under 16 are forbidden to use Davenport University Libraries computers. This equipment is essential to our students and is not filtered for minors.
  • Users must take full responsibility for their child or children's safety when on Davenport University Libraries premises and the children must be under direct and constant supervision of their caretakers at all times, or they and their caretakers may be barred from Davenport University Libraries.
  • Users and their children will be asked to leave if they are causing a disturbance to other users.
  • Users must be aware of campus libraries as a quiet place of study (for example, if a user enters a campus library with a sleeping baby, they should be prepared to leave when the baby wakes up and starts crying).
  • Children should not enter study areas or the testing area.
  • Users are liable to pay for any damage caused by an accompanying child.