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"Turnitin Originality Checking allows educators to check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases. Every Originality Report provides instructors with the opportunity to teach their students proper citation methods as well as to safeguard their students' academic integrity."

- From Turnitin's description of their product.

Submitting a Paper at Your Instructor's Request

If your instructor wants you to submit your paper to Turnitin, they will set up a Blackboard assignment in your class that you will see when you login to Blackboard.  Submitting your paper through Blackboard to Turnitin requires no further set up or login than your Blackboard one.

Submitting a Paper On Your Own

If your instructor is not using Turnitin in their class and you would like to run your paper through Turnitin, you may submit your paper to the Library and ask them to run it through for you.  Responses will be made during business days (Mon-Fri). 

What Happens Then?

  • The library staff then sends you and your professor a copy of the originality report.
  • Staff will also send you a copy of the DU Library  Turnitin Originality Report Explanation.
  • If you have concerns about the results or need help, please contact tutoring to request that a tutor review it.

Originality Reports

A Turnitin Originality Report is produced by comparing the submitted paper to internet pages (archived and currently displayed), article databases, and the repository of papers previously submitted to Turnitin.

The report has a percentage rating measuring the amount of material which is not original. (Example: A 55% rating means 55% of the writing was found to be virtually word-for-word from other materials, and 45% of the writing was the student's own words). This rating will initially include all properly cited quotes (unless your instructor excluded them in the report setup), as well as those not cited.

The report will also include links from each match to its source, so your instructor can check the original source or multiple sources that have the same wording.

See the document below for more in-depth information of originality reports findings

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