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Faculty Spotlight

Spotlight on Department Chair Misty Davis

Positive impact on classroom:  With both legal practice and academic experience, Misty Davis serves as the Department Chair and Program Director of Legal Studies, as well as the Department Chair of the Human Resource Management program for the Donald W. Maine College of Business. In this role, she is engaged in academic program development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

 Misty’s impact on the classroom is clearly seen through her own students’ SET comments, including:

  • Misty did a great job supplementing the info from the book with real life examples. In class assignments and interaction with classmates were beneficial as well. She's very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter which is always conducive to learning.
    • I think Misty did an amazing job. She cares and has a great personality. She always offered help and made sure we understood what she was teaching.
    • This course went very well. It was enjoyable and interesting. Misty clearly loves her job as an attorney and professor and did show an interest in my education and career plan.
  •  Misty is my favorite professor that I have ever had. She knows what she is talking about and knows how to help us learn. She brought in guest speakers from the profession who helped us understand what the "real world" is like. This was my favorite class this semester!

This honor highlights Davis’s work in the classroom, and her efforts to systematize all data collection and assessment activities associated with curricular assessment in the Donald W. Maine College of Business. This activity is critical for providing accrediting results to the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). These activities have brought about a change concerning the culture of assessment in the College.


Timeliness of impact:  Misty’s impact is both ongoing and immediate. Insights into curriculum areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement already are being examined among Davenport University departments because of her work.

Range of impact:  Her efforts, along with that of previous department chair, Margaret Mwenda, have allowed for the professional development of all faculty in the College of Business around assessment. In addition, their paper, "Faculty Buy-in in Outcome Assessment and Reporting," Davis/Mwenda/Imperato was presented and warmly received at the national IACBE Conference in April 2017.

Professor Davis is a licensed attorney in good standing with the State of Michigan. She teaches courses in the Legal Studies program which is approved by the American Bar Association. She is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Educators and frequently presents at national and regional conferences on embedding practical skills in the classroom. Additionally, she creates curriculum for the Human Resource Management program that is aligned with the Society of Human Resource Managers’ (SHRM) principals.

 On a personal note:  When practicing law, Professor Davis dedicated her time and talents advocating for the under-represented population facing legal issues. She began her career with Legal Aid of South Central Michigan. Her practice area was dedicated to educating the elderly on estate planning and Medicaid eligibility, as well as representing domestic violence victims in family law cases. 

In addition, Misty is a dedicated mother and an active supporter of two boys and always finds time to attend their baseball games and even lend a hand at Boy Scout campouts. She’s equally supportive of friends and colleagues, and has volunteered at many events including DU’s NAMI Walks. 

Spotlight on Diane Salinas

Positive impact on classroom:  Diane is a well-respected math teacher with great SET scores and comments like these:

  • Diane is a great teacher, her methods of approaching math worked so well for me as a student who has always struggled with math.
  • I loved the use of MyMathLab for homework and if I ever had a question, I could email Diane and get a quick accurate response.
  • Great instructor, great math class for those like me who don't understand math as well as others.
  • Teacher rocked! She gives everything to you to succeed in the class.
  • Instructor was naturally entertaining while also being clear and serious about teaching subject matter.
  • I really liked this class. The instructor was entertaining, and made you excited about learning. She was also really good at explaining things, showing examples, and providing help if needed.
  • It was super helpful to have time in class to work on homework (so we would be able to ask questions), even if we were only able to start the homework in class, it was better than not giving us the opportunity to ask questions. I also found the "cheat sheets" extremely helpful on the tests. It was nice that we didn't have to memorize all these different equations, but instead just focused on how to use them.
  • It was also helpful to see how much statistic is used in everyday life (when she gave real world example about statistics, like the election). Overall, this was one of my favorite classes.

I can't say more about her teaching than these students have. She is a valued member of the math team.

Timeliness of impact:  Diane has had a huge impact on the local Kentwood community through her facilitation of the STEM day events. Students participate in interactive and engaging activities that show how math and science can be fun and interesting. These events bring in around 150 5th grade students about four times a year. We have probably reached over 1,500 students in the years this project has run. Diane has also involved many of our DU math and science faculty to assist with these events. It gives faculty a chance to show off their wide range of talents and interests. Her supervision of study tables for DU athletes takes her positive influence beyond her own classroom.

Range of impact:  Diane helps students survive and thrive in math classes. Not everyone has that skill. Who knows what kind of seeds are being sown during Diane's STEM days? We could be developing future mathematicians, scientists or DU students by showing them what DU has to offer!

Personal Note:  Family is important to Diane. Juggling the many activities of her four children, she spends countless hours transporting her kids to numerous activities including various sports, choir and theater events while always offering encouragement and support.

Diane coaches volleyball at Caledonia schools and brings the dedication and emphasis on Student Athlete to both Caledonia and DU athletes. It's a wonder she has time to sleep!


Spotlight on Pete Anderson

 Positive impact on classroom:  Pete not only teaches upper level courses, he serves as a mentor to students as they pursue their networking degrees and move into their careers. He also inspires students to achieve their best work through classroom projects, student groups, and leading by example.  Pete sums up his teaching philosophy as, "My intent is to provide each student with both knowledge and hands-on skills."

 Timeliness of impact: Pete also manages the technology used for courses in networking for other DU campuses, trains high school and community college faculty, and participates as part of the host committee for the annual Great Lakes Cisco Academy Conference, where he is also a presenter.

 He holds multiple Cisco Systems, Inc. networking certifications, including CCNA, CCNA Security, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, and CCSP. He is working toward the Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer - Routing & Switching certification.

 Range of Impact: The technology of networking is constantly evolving. Pete stays on top of these changes and helps the university keep up with new technologies and integration into the classroom. He is the advisor for the Cyber Defense Organization, a student organization that promotes network and information security. He is also team advisor for the DU Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team.

 Pete serves as the Cisco Networking Academy Regional main contact for the W.A. Lettinga campus and provides support for multiple local Cisco Networking Academies across West Michigan. Pete is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the IEEE Computer Society, and the West Michigan Cisco User Group.

 Personal Note: A well-liked teacher and colleague with a calm demeanor and a brilliant smile, Pete enjoys spending his personal time traveling with family.  


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Terri Tomaszek

Positive impact on classroom:  As Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Tomaszek has personified teaching excellence at Davenport for more than 45 years. Her distinguished career encompasses three concentrations: academic assessment, international education, and service learning. Among her most influential contributions to Davenport’s instructional culture was the Success System (now called the Excellence System)—a composite of cross-professional attributes and competencies integrated throughout all Davenport programs and courses. For decades, the Excellence System has been the pedagogical and philosophical model of a Davenport education.

Range of Impact: Dr. Tomaszek also instigated and developed a thriving international culture on campus. As Davenport’s first Fulbright Scholar, she created the Study Abroad China Program, which subsequently grew to include other countries. Dr. Tomaszek’s signature Global Perspectives class expanded into a suite of courses focused on world cultures.

“Terri's contributions to the vision and success of the DEI Council are invaluable. Her knowledge of DU, commitment to seeing the work through to the end and sincere passion for employee, student and organizational development helped to position the Council as an authentic force for affecting positive change. As the Council co-chair, she took no short cuts. Terri got directly involved in the large and small details.  Terri's work ethic, DEI commitment and consistent compassion should be emulated by all,” according to Dr. Rhae-Ann Booker.

Equally respected by her students and her colleagues, Dr. Tomaszek has been honored with awards both within and outside the University.  Her mentorship and collegiality has been priceless as evidenced by the following quotes from her peers:

Neil Shepard (faculty): Terri has changed the lives of countless DU students over the years.  But those of us who have had the great privilege to work with her have had our lives changed as well.  She has always, without fail, been there for me.  Her skills as an educator, her knowledge, her commitment, her sense of humor, and her kindness have made such a positive impact on all of us.  I'm so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her.   I think great teachers can change your life for the better.  And Terri is a truly great teacher. 

Rhae-Ann Booker (Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion): During a conversation with Terri, I shared that my mother is a Davenport College graduate. In response, Terri stated, "Oh, What is her name?" which I thought was an odd question because my mom had attended DU in the 60's. I tried to assure Terri that it was unlikely she would know my mom and she graciously let me know that she may have had my mom as a student. After researching a bit, we learned that my mom and Terri had only missed each other by two years.   We both laughed and I knew from that day on what an absolute honor it would be to work closely with Terri on the DEI Council.

From Barb Craft (faculty): I am sure there is nothing unique about what I'll miss when Terri retires.  Aside from the companionship and support of an outstanding educator and colleague, the University and our community will lose a tremendous repository of institutional history.  We need to value new people and new ideas but we need to treasure our history.  She knows what we have tried, what worked well and what we should never attempt again and why.  We can't replace that!

From Ron Draayer (faculty): What has always impressed me about Terri Tomaszek is her professionalism.  Even if there were disagreements, Terri always provides a calm voice to a discussion and had excellent insights.  I don't think I have ever seen Terri rattled or become unglued.  Terri always finds a way to get people to consider other viewpoints and work towards solutions.  I have tremendous respect for Terri Tomaszek and will miss her greatly as a colleague and friend.

Recognition:  A scholarship has been started to continue the “good” that Dr. Tomaszek has begun.

Colleen Coughlin says, "We should all aim to be like Terri Tomaszek ....she talks the talk and walks the walk. She has a lifetime of service - to Davenport, her faculty colleagues, staff at every level and most importantly our students. Her commitment includes providing students with a quality education, aimed at enriching their lives through diversity, experiential education, study abroad, Michigan reads... I could go on and on. Nancy Astor once said 'Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer--into a selflessness which links us with all humanity.' You could not find a better example of a professor doing exactly this!?

Here is the link to contribute to the scholarship fund honoring Dr. Terri Tomaszek:

Faculty Spotlight: Sharon Flinn

Positive impact on classroom:  Dr. Sharon Flinn teaches in the Occupational Therapy Division here at Davenport University. Her courses include analysis of environment, task, and activity; research and scholarship, evaluation and intervention of upper limb injuries; and occupational therapy in behavioral and mental health. She also serves as the co-advisor for Active Minds-DU, a registered student organization at Davenport University. Active Minds-DU received the 2016 Student Recognition for Outstanding New Organization of the Year and the Award for Outstanding Officer.


Timeliness of impact: Dr. Flinn has been chosen for inclusion into the 2017 American Occupational Therapy Association Roster of Fellows.  The Roster of Fellows recognizes members of AOTA, who with their knowledge and expertise have made a significant contribution to the continuing education and professional development of members of the Association.  The 2017 recipients will be formally recognized at the national annual conference, which will be held in Philadelphia in April.


Range of Impact: Dr. Flinn’s impact has been far-reaching and profoundly moving.  In recognition of her contributions, the following statement will appear on her award: “Outstanding Contributions to Hand and Limb Rehabilitation.”  Her research has led to the development and use of the Flinn Performance Screening Tool.  The tool empowers patients to take responsibility for their care and rehabilitation, to collaborate with their caregivers in achieving greater levels of function and independence.  


Personal Note:. Dr. Flinn has presented at local, state, national, and international conferences. She recently received the 2016 DEI Leadership Award.  Dr. Flinn has published in other areas including return to work, orthotics, and farming with arthritis. The American Society of Hand Therapists in the Lifetime Fellowship Award recognized her work.

Faculty Spotlight: Midland Nursing Team

ADC - Shannon Krolikowski,                                                              

Faculty - Sarah Brooks, Margaret Hovey, Deanna Dubay, Michelle Hagstrom

Positive Impact in the Classroom: The concentrated effort by all nursing faculty members included providing additional content study sessions for students, providing emotional support and resources necessary to address the heightened anxiety of sitting for the NCLEX examination, providing individual student mentoring, and innovative teaching strategies to help students be successful.   

Positive Impact on Nursing ProfessionThe nursing team at Midland’s DU Campus is being recognized for their dedication to the nursing students, program and overall nursing profession. One result of this team collaboration – and a great reason to honor them - is the pass rate of national exams.  The Nursing National Certification Exam - NCLEX score at the Midland Campus is a reason to celebrate! The team has increased their NCLEX pass rate to 100%, which is not a common result in nursing programs across the U.S.  The 2015 National NCLEX first time success rate is 84%.    

Timeliness of Impact:  Collaboration is key for all members –meeting challenges together, supporting one another, and remaining committed to the program, students and each other, is what this group is all about!  The team embraced change, met objectives and continue to display excellence in teaching at DU.  Having  adapted flipped classroom teaching styles to meet the learning needs of the students, identifying the specific academic and emotional support needs and implementing them, earns this team recognition.  

Personal Notes:

Shannon Krolikowski is the Associate Chair of the College of Health Professions Nursing Program, Midland campus. She received her BSN degree from Saginaw Valley State University and her MSN degree from the University of Phoenix. She has been a registered nurse since 1999. She specializes in obstetrics, simulation, and Senior Seminar which involves the Senior Capstone/Legacy project and NCLEX preparation. She enjoys family time including raising Dutch rabbits with her son and reading.

Sarah Brooks is full-time Nursing Faculty at the Midland campus. She received her BSN degree from Davenport University and her MSN degree from Walden University. She has worked primarily as a psychiatric floor nurse in acute, outpatient, and inpatient settings.  She also is an active member of the American Nurses Association supporting safe patient care and volunteers at Mid-Michigan Medical Center Hospice providing respite care services.

Maggie Hovey is full-time Nursing Faculty at the Midland campus. She is a graduate of Kaplan University where she earned her master’s degree. She teaches a variety of courses including Pediatrics, Community Public Health, Evidence-Based Practice, and Nutrition along with working in the clinical and lab setting. Maggie enjoys the outdoors, running, and reading in her spare time.

Deanna Dubay  is full-time Nursing Faculty at the Midland campus. She is a graduate of Walden University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Nursing Specializing in Nursing Education in 2013. Deanna is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Nurse Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 2014, Deanna won a National School Nurse Leadership Award for Developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan for a Center-Based School for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities ages 3 to 26.

Michelle Hagstrom started with DU as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor in 2011. After obtaining her Master's Degree from Davenport University in 2015, she became the Simulation Lab and Clinical Coordinator. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kelly McCarron

Positive impact on classroom:  Dr. Kelly McCarron took the lead on finding and implementing a structured mentorship program for the HIT program, partnering with dedicated faculty and professionals in the field to improve student success and retention.  EduGuide includes activities “for critical thinking and reflective writing” where students work with teachers to identify their own inspiration and purpose (EduGuide, 2016).  McCarron teaches using real time virtual (RTV) technology in the Occupational Therapy department here at DU.  Her strengths include working with struggling students and helping them to focus and remain in school.  Her positivity and helpful nature make a difference in the lives of those around her. 

 As an Associate Dean, Dr. McCarron works to ensure online programs and processes are delivered efficiently with the highest attention to quality across all courses within her program area.

 Timeliness of impact: Kelly was able to have an impact on students who might not have completed specific coursework. She works closely with administration to ensure that students are receiving the best educational experience and great customer care, while attending more closely to students who struggle and require additional resources. Dr. McCarron has been piloting mentorship programs with students who take coursework online and is working to ensure that retention, success, and graduation rates continue to flourish at Davenport University.

 Range of Impact: Dr. McCarron has worked for the past 27 years as a clinician in outpatient and homecare rehabilitation. She has written several journal articles, presented at state and national conferences and provided continuing education to clinicians and students for the last 21 years.  In an especially moving presentation given in 2015 to the Veteran’s Administration, Kelly reminds all caregivers that they can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life by intentionally focusing on relationships. 

 “The longing to connect and belong is a basic human desire present in the very basic fabric of our biology.  A patient’s level of social re-integration is the strongest predictor of long term success following a traumatic brain injury.”  Dr. Kelly McCarron, talking about work as an occupational therapist for patients surviving TBI.

 Personal Note: Dr. McCarron’s passion extends into the responsibilities and privileges that come with health care.  Her research and academic work revolve around adults with neurological diagnoses including stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic progressive diseases. “Focusing on relationships in our work with patients makes us better health care providers and better human beings,” she explains while describing the poignant life challenges faced by many with traumatic brain injuries.  

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Roque Neto

Positive impact on classroom:  Per Dr. Susan Gunn, Dean of Urban Education at Davenport University, Dr. Neto has “done amazing work with our Master candidates.  He goes above and beyond to make sure they understand the rigors involved in doing scholarly research and projects at a master’s level.  Because our candidates are teachers and their time is restricted he has met students that have asked for help during the weekend.”

Timeliness of impact:   The research Dr. Neto conducted has tested areas that might increase teachers’ job satisfaction and determine what compels teachers to remain in the profession. His research has been recognized at national meetings.  He oversees our team of observation adjuncts, as well as designs and delivers continuous professional development for them throughout the year.  He has also been selected to be a site visit evaluator for CAEP, our accreditation body.

Range of impact:   Dr. Roque Neto has worked within elementary and high schools, colleges, and administrative offices of educational institutions. In 2013 he received an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California.  A highlight of his career is the creation of a unique, innovative professional development program for hundreds of teachers in impoverished areas throughout Brazil.

Personal Information:  Roque Neto was born in Brazil. He was 13 when his work, a poem, first appeared in a magazine. Since then he has published two novels, an academic book, and a picture book in Brazil. He came to the USA in 2009 to advance his career as an educator.

Faculty Spotlight:  Denny Bobeldyk



Positive impact on classroom:  After growing his own successful consulting company, Denny Bobeldyk accepted a position at Davenport University where his passion for Computer Science has grown. Since 2008, Denny has served as an assistant professor for the College of Technology. He is actively involved in developing and teaching courses for the growing Computer Science program.

Timeliness of impact: In our current age of technology, Denny works toward ensuring students’ tech skills are current and recognized in the workplace.  He is a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert Emeritus (CCIE #5509). He graduated from Calvin College with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and later from Grand Valley State University with a master’s degree. In 2013 he was accepted into the highly competitive Computer Science program at Michigan State University and is currently studying under Dr. Arun Ross in the iProbe Research Lab.

From this work he was invited to be a presenter at the 15th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG) located in Darmstadt, Germany. Denny’s paper was selected for this peer reviewed conference where he presented his research in September.

Range of Impact: Denny’s impact is extensive.  He spent time as a road warrior for three years traveling across the country teaching Network and Network Security courses as a Cisco Certified Instructor (CCSI #20292). He then accepted a job at a local Cisco reseller in hopes of building their networking profile, and he and his team were able to sell over $4 million worth of Cisco equipment and services in the first 18 months of his employment! This mark was up from the $100,000 that they had sold in the previous 5 years.

Personal Note: Assistant Professor Denny Bobeldyk also has an avid interest in sports, playing volleyball at the collegiate level, as well as having played on a semi-pro beach volleyball tour for 8 years. He has recently transitioned his love for playing sports into coaching baseball, basketball and women’s volleyball.