Ensuring our students' success

Davenport University totally supports regular assessment and review of all of its programs and supporting curriculum. Such assessment ensures the following:

  • that curriculum changes are based upon data indicating the needed change, and
  • through a valid and reliable manner, that students are learning what is claimed to be learned.

The process for assessment and review involves analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), curriculum mapping, learning outcomes for the major, and Excellence System (general education and certain soft skills) competencies. KPIs and program assessment data are updated annually, along with short-term action plans for improvements. The annual update also alerts if a deeper analysis and more immediate action is required.

The materials for the annual assessment and its process are noted in the call-out box on the Annual Program Assessment tab.

In the seven-year program review, faculty examine the total program over the cycle to determine whether and how the major and its curriculum fit within the context and purpose of the College and the mission and vision of the University. In addition, a market and peer analysis is completed, along with an analysis of and recommendations for program resources. The Program Review Rotation has been established through academic year 2025-26.