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Excellence System Assessment

Excellence System Assessment

 What is the Davenport University Excellence System?

Assessment Scoresheets

Instructors will receive access to these Google spreadsheets by the second week of class.

Global & Intercultural Competence

Civic & Social Responsibility

Ethical Reasoning & Action

Critical & Creative Thinking

Analysis & Problem Solving

Leadership & Teamwork

Information & Technology Proficiency

Written Communication

Professional Communication

*Review important scoring instructions on this web page

The Excellence System consists of nine professional competencies necessary for graduates to succeed in their chosen professions and engage in life-long learning.  These competencies are intentionally integrated into all academic programs at the university.

Why Do Excellence System Assessment?

The primary purposes of Excellence System assessment are:

  • To assist students in building knowledge and skills necessary for academic and professional success
  • To support faculty in revising academic curriculum and course work
  • To provide data to employers and accrediting bodies on student academic performance and readiness

How will the Excellence System Be Assessed?

All academic programs have mapped their curricula to identify specific required courses, and required assignments within them known as Required Assessment Assignments (RAAs), in which all nine Excellence System Competencies should be introduced, reinforced, and mastered.  Faculty in these courses will use common rubrics developed by cross-college teams of Davenport subject matter expert faculty to assess and report student performance on the Excellence System competencies. 

Faculty Process for Reporting Student Scores in Excellence System Assessment Courses

Faculty required to assess student performance in the Excellence System should:

1. Review the Course Requirements and Instructor Resources (CRIR) for their course to determine the Excellence System competencies to be assessed and the Required Assessment Assignment(s).  If the CRIR does not provide this information, please contact your Associate Department Chair.

2. Review the tutorials below for entering student performance data into the Google Drive score sheets:

3. Access the common Excellence System data reporting score sheets in Google Drive by clicking on the link(s) above.

Important Reminders to Faculty about Excellence System Assessment:

  1. RAAs must be scored using the established Excellence System rubrics and according to the rubric scoring scales (usually based on 4 outcomes each assigned a point value between 0-3 points).  For the purpose of consistency, the Excellence System Rubrics may NOT be modified or changed. All Excellence System Rubrics are provided in the resource section below AND included on the Google Drive score sheets.
  2. Student scores on the Excellence System rubrics should NOT be factored into their overall course grade.  For purposes of the course grade, faculty should grade the RAAs according to directions provided in the CRIRs.  This may involve using other assignment specific rubrics provided in the CRIRs or developed by faculty. 
  3. Faculty are highly encouraged to provide students with the Excellence System rubrics AND their performance on the rubrics as means of formative feedback to support their growth in the Excellence System competencies.
  4. Excellence System assessment will be ongoing each semester meaning that student RAAs must be evaluated by faculty and data input to the Google Drive score sheets for every student in every identified assessment course every semester that the course is taught.
  5. Aggregate data on student performance will be analyzed and reported to DU academic leadership each semester.

Resource Documents

Revised Excellence System Assessment Rubrics: 2018-19

Excellence System Assessment Rubrics: 2015-16

To find which courses require Excellence System assessment by college, download the:

For questions about using the Excellence System scoresheets, please contact:

Jayne Hayden, Administrative Assistant--Holland Campus

For other questions about Excellence System assessment, please contact:

Dr. Wayne Sneath, Program Director Experiential Learning

Dr. Irene Bembenista, Vice Provost for Assessment & Graduate Studies