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First Year Read 2012-13: The Other Wes Moore

The Inaugural Davenport University Common Read 2012-13

A First-Year Experience Initiative

The Davenport University Common Read project is designed to:  

1.       Enhance the academic climate for first year students

2.       Provide a common intellectual experience

3.       Foster a sense of shared experience among DU students, faculty, staff, and external communities

Wes Moore to Speak at Davenport University

Grand Rapids - Lettinga Campus  

October 17, 2012  7:00 - 8:00 PM 

Join Us!  Open to the public.

For Fall 2012 the theme for the Common Read was Learning Through Difference and our selected text was The Other Wes Moore:  One Name Two Fates (2011) by Wes Moore.  

“The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.”   ~Wes Moore 

For Fall 2012, the Common Read was integrated into learning activities for 15-week and S1 in-seat sections of FRSM100: Career and Education Seminar.  Other students, faculty and community members are encouraged to purchase the book and participate in university-wide activities related to the Common Read initiative.

 2012 Common Read Schedule of Events

October 17, 2012  Keynote speaker—Wes Moore

7:00-8:00 p.m.  Public presentation by Wes Moore in the Student Center at Davenport’s W.A. Lettinga Campus.

This event will be streamed live to audiences at other Davenport campuses, including:

Davenport University is proud to partner with the Caledonia Branch and Kentwood Branch of the Kent District Library System to extend opportunities for community members to participate in the Common Read. For more information, contact: Dr. Terri Tomaszek at 616-554-4719 or via email at

Co-Chairs and Committee Members. This event is coordinated by a team of faculty, administrators, staff, and librarians (both DU and community).

  • Rhae-Ann Booker (co-chair)
  • Judy Bosshart 
  •  Cheryl Cammenga (Branch Manager, Kentwood Branch of Kent District Library System)  
  •  Colleen Coughlin 
  •  Keri Dutkiewicz (co-chair)
  •  Elizabeth Guarino-Kozlowicz (Branch Manager, Caledonia Branch of Kent District Library System)
  •  Jodi Hicks (co-chair)
  •  Linda Hood 
  •  Karen McLaughlin 
  •  Sally Page 
  •  Andrea Shacks 
  •  Angela Smith 
  •  Wayne Sneath 
  •  Terri Tomaszek  (co-chair)
  •  Sharon Vriend-Robinette 
  •  Jessica Wright 
  •  Lauren Zemaitis 
  •  Sabrina Zoppa

Wes Moore Presentation for Use in DU Classrooms

To retrieve the URL for the Wes Moore presentation given on campus Fall 2012 for use ONLY by DU Faculty ONLY in DU classrooms only, please go to the Instructional Resources page.