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Honors Societies

Strive for Excellence - - apply to one of these honors groups.

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society

As a way to recognize excellence in academic achievement of DU students in this category, the College of Arts and Sciences sponsors the Phi Kappa Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda. This society honors the top 20% of students meeting the qualifications. 

Honors Professional Accountancy

Davenport University offers an Honors Professional Accountancy program which is an exclusive opportunity for students interested in accounting.  Students in this program have the opportunity to earn both the BBA in Accounting Information Management and an MBA with an Accounting concentration -- all within a five-year period. 

University Honors Program

The Arts & Sciences Honors Program supports excellence in critical thinking, creativity in applying the Excellence System to a career path, and development of leadership skills through Foundation of Excellence coursework.  The A & S Honors Program is open to all University students as the corresponding courses are available in all majors.