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Admissions Partnerships

Your future is here! Our admissions team specializes in connecting with international students or those who are in the military. We can build a variety of two-year programs into bachelor's degrees and even MBA programs. We're passionate about your success at Davenport!

Partnerships: We Travel the World. For You!

Davenport is proud of our diverse student body. Our talented recruiters are dedicated to finding (and guiding) students who may never have heard of Davenport without us. We travel the world to find special students, like you.  

What "Partnerships" Mean to You.

We are called the admissions "Partnerships" team because we partner with schools and programs all over the world. By joining with other institutions, we can help students who have begun their education by offering a Davenport path to take what you've started to the next level, with a Davenport degree. We can help you transfer credits you've already earned toward a DU degree, making the process easy, so you can get started. 

We're Here to Help.

The Partnerships team is dedicated to connecting you with the ideal program and resources for your situation, whether international, partner school, medical/nursing or military. Please feel free to email or call us at 800-686-1600. For international students, dial +001-800-686-1600.